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Here’s Why You Should Use an Alaco Heavy Duty Ship Ladder

Heavy Duty Aluminum Ship LadderThe construction and design of ladders are essential factors that help manufacturers meet the ship ladder OSHA code. These standard requirements ensure ship ladder safety under normal conditions of usage.

High-quality materials help manufacturers produce ladders with a premium feel. They could range from metal, wood, reinforced plastic, etc. However, heavy-duty aluminum is the top choice among all the materials used to make ship ladders. This material is popular among industrial companies since it is durable, affordable, and lightweight. In addition, aluminum ladders are corrosion-resistant, and they help ensure ship ladder safety.

The best features of a heavy-duty ship ladder made of aluminum are its durability and high strength, which assures users of their suitability for heavy-duty work and that they won’t break even in harsh weather.

At Alaco Ladder, we take pride in our aluminum alloy ladders, which are high-quality, aircraft-grade, and with superior scratch resistance, so our clients do not have to worry about repainting.

However, industrial manufacturers must evaluate their situation and preferences before gathering options. Aside from local ladder regulations and the ladder’s angle placement and purpose, it is best to consider factors like the ship ladder OSHA code.

OSHA Standards for Ship Ladders

All ladders from Alaco Ladder meet the following Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) standards for ladders, including the following:


This standard number explains the basic requirements for all fixed staircases, including ship ladders in industrial settings.

  • All ladders should have guardrails and handrails.
  • If an employer or architect claims it is impossible to set up rails, they should propose an alternative fall protection system.
  • Overhead obstructions must have a vertical clearance of at least 6’8″.
  • Riser heights and tread depths should be uniform, and landings at the sides should have a width of at least 30″.
  • Ladders should have at least 1000lb stair capacity.


This standard number specifies that ship ladders and spiral stairs should have minimum headroom of 6.6″, a clear width of 26″, and a tread depth of 7.5″. However, it is best to avoid overdoing things with your ladders since OSHA also set a maximum riser height of 9.5″.


The OSHA emphasizes that employers should not compromise ship ladder safety, so they must meet the administration’s standards, including the following:

  • Property engineers and employers must install ship ladders 50o to 70o from the horizontal.
  • There should be open risers with at least 6.5″ to 12″ of a vertical rise.

Fortunately, Alaco Ladder is committed to quality and safety, which helped us produce ladders that meet the ship ladder OSHA code. Our ladders use heavy-duty aluminum alloy, so you can rest assured that they can handle your load requirements without compromising ship ladder safety.

However, we also offer ladder repairs and maintenance to our clients anytime. Our team will do the necessary repairs to help you get back to business as quickly as possible. Besides meeting the OSHA standards, Alaco Ladders provide a 5-year warranty on all items, assuring our customers of our ladders’ quality.

Feel free to explore our website to know more about ship ladder safety and ship ladder OSHA code, and contact us if you’re considering buying a heavy-duty ship ladder for your operations.

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