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  • Designed for maximum safety, comfort and support
  • Custom engineered with standard parts and components, to meet any condition, at the lowest cost.
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Alaco manufactures an extensive range of free-standing and special purpose ladders to serve a wide variety of industrial applications. Fabricated of wood, aluminum or fiberglass, there are literally hundreds of models and styles to choose from. Alaco always has the ladder you need.

Special Purpose Ladders include the following models listed below. Contact Alaco directly for more information and a complete listing of special purpose industrial ladders.

  • Stepladders and Stools
  • Rolling Workstands
  • Extension Ladders
  • Fire Ladders
  • Agricultural Ladders
  • Inventory and Platform Ladders
  • Shelf and Counter Ladders

Alaco’s Platform Ladders are an ideal choice for safety, function and convenience in stockrooms, warehouses and other heavy-duty commercial applications. All platform ladders are manufactured with high-grade, aircraft aluminum alloy for tremendous strength. They are also lightweight and easy to handle and move around as needed.

Ladders never need painting, are scratch resistant and feature non-welded construction for easier repairs. All Alaco Platform Ladders meet ANSI standard A14.7 and OHSA safety requirements.

  • Higher strength 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum alloy
  • Rounded corner side rails for a more comfortable grip
  • Steps with self-cleaning ridges and wide leaning face
  • Solid aluminum aircraft rivets – 8 per step

1035 Stockroom Ladder

The Alaco Stockroom Ladder features wide-spread feet for greater stability, as well as a sturdy 16″ x 20-1/2″ safety platform. Handrails offer additional safety and stability when climbing and disengaging casters allow for ease of movement over stockroom or warehouse floors. The whole ladder folds for convenient storage and has a 300 lb. duty rating.

  • Ridged self-cleaning, 3″ deep steps
  • Thick 3/4″ rubber non-marking feet with 600 volt spark gap
  • Climbing frame tapers 2″ per foot and slopes 70°
  • Pivot design prevents injury to fingers when closing
  • Spreader latches inside the side rails to prevent damage
  • Nickel-alloy steel aircraft bolts and bushings at pivot points never wear or wiggle
  • Tubular gussets can be added when required for additional strength

8305 Rolling Workstand

With an extra-large, 20″ x 20″ top plate that has a non-skid surface and 42″ guardrails, the Alaco Rolling Workstand offers enhanced safety and convenience. A gradual 60° climbing angle allows fast, comfortable use facing either toward the steps or away from them. Steps are a generous 6″ deep with 9″ risers and feature self-cleaning ridges for non-skid grip.

Wheels with rubber tires on the rear frame and Alaco’s exclusive ground lock assembly in front converts the unit at the touch of a toe from mobile swivel to solid base. Corrugated rubber safety feet keep the ladder firmly on the floor.

Aircraft fasteners and extra cross-bracing make the unit extra stable, and tubular gussets are standard for additional strength. The 8305 has a rated workload of 500 lbs. and can be ordered with many standard variations.

Several different types of feet are available – with or without casters – and handrails and guard rails can be made to be removable or assembled in special configurations.

Alaco manufactures an extensive line of Heavy Duty Aluminum Extension Ladders that are engineered for safety, comfort, mobility and a long service life.

High-strength aircraft aluminum alloy construction ensures a sturdy, heavy-duty ladder without the weight and surface corrosion problems of steel. These industrial grade ladders are available with a variety of standard variations for specific working conditions and requirements.

Exclusive Alaco Extension Ladder features include:

  • 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum alloy for superior strength-to-weight ratio
  • Round rung shape for maximum strength
  • Serrated rungs for sure-grip footing
  • Four solid aluminum alloy aircraft rivets support each rung for 1250 lbs. shear strength
  • Safe-Hi feet provide stability at any angle
  • Foolproof action ground spike won’t swivel back or jam
  • Brackets and aluminum connecting straps are stronger than steel
  • Fly section nests inside base – no interlocking or jamming
  • 3/8″ manila rope with metal pulley wheel (sizes 24′ and up) pulls from front for faster, easier and safer operation
  • Nickel-alloy steel aircraft bolts and bushings at all critical points that never wear
  • Automatic tension latch recessed within rails – won’t snag on truck beds or interfere with climber’s feet

Alaco Extension Ladders are also fully repairable and meet OSHA and ANSI A14.2 Type I and Type IA standards.

5200 & 5210 Aluminum Extension Ladder with C-Shaped Side Rails
5230 & 5240 Aluminum Extension Ladder with U-2 Channel Side Rail
2540 Aluminum Single Section Ladder with Flat Step

Alaco’s line of Step Stools provide easy access to shelves, counters, production lines or other applications that require a sturdy, highly-portable tool.

Aluminum Step Stools are exceptionally strong to withstand workplace abuse and are available in a wide range of standard sizes and shapes to elevate the worker to the perfect height. Custom designs are also available if required.

Alaco Step Stools are built to last and feature:

  • Higher strength 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum alloy
  • Solid aluminum aircraft rivets – 6 rivets per leg
  • Oversize top plate treated with non-slip coating
  • 300 lb. Load-rated

1761 Step Stool
This solid, sturdy, industrial quality Step Stool is as strong as steel, yet made of light aluminum construction. It weighs only 5-1/2 lbs., is easy to reposition and capable of withstanding the toughest abuse.

The 1761 is 12″ high, with a 12″ x 18″ platform – perfect for quick access on the production line and in service areas. Angled legs and thick, solid rubber feet mean that this stool will not tip or slip.

Rubber feet are replaceable and provide a 600 volt spark gap. The top surface is treated with special non-slip coating for safety and secure grip – even when wet. Six aircraft rivets are used in each corner for wear-resistant connections.

Like all our aluminum ladders, step stools never need painting and will not rust.

Alaco’s Tapered Truss Ground Ladders or Ground Fire Ladders originate from an innovative design by Frederick Seagrave, who built wood orchard ladders in Columbus, Ohio before switching to fire ladders in 1881. His ultimate goal was to design and fabricate ladders that were:

  • Very light for easy and fast handling
  • Strong and tough to resist abuse
  • Convenient to operate safely
  • Stiff, with as little bounce as possible for quick, sure climbing

Seagrave’s design was brilliant – even by today’s standards. Over the decades it was developed further by Los Angeles Ladder Company, and has been continually refined by Alaco.

Top Quality Construction
Constructed of Douglas Fir, Oak and Hickory woods with precision steel fasteners and hardware, Alaco Ground Fire Ladders are widely used by major Fire Departments and Agencies throughout the Western U.S. and beyond.

Benefits of Wood

  • Wood ladders are lightweight – comparable to similar aluminum ground ladders
  • Wood does not conduct electricity – helps prevent electrical injuries and loss of life
  • Wood does not conduct heat – insulating properties of Douglas Fir are excellent
  • Wood stays strong in the fire – if charred, it retains its original strength
  • Wood provides more resistance to flexing and bouncing when climbed quickly

Deep history, experience, engineering expertise and precision manufacturing capability enables Alaco to create some of the finest and most dependable Wood Ground Fire Ladders available anywhere.

Fire Departments Include:

  • Alameda, CA
  • Arcadia, CA
  • Beverly Hills, CA
  • Compton, CA
  • Glendale, CA
  • Hayward, CA
  • Long Beach, CA
  • Los Angeles County, CA
  • Los Angeles City, CA
  • Montebello, CA
  • Oakland, CA
  • Pasadena, CA
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Santa Monica, CA
  • West Covina, CA
  • Bellevue, WA
  • Salt Lake City, UT

What They’re Saying…

Alaco Ladders’ ease of installation, appearance and function lead to positive results for our closet customers, which in turn leads to more referrals for JL Closets. I have no hesitation recommending Alaco to anyone needing a ladder system because they offer a very solid product produced by a very professional company and staff.

I just received our Alaco Ladder and I must say it is beautiful – great craftsmanship and nice design. It was easy to setup and install. It adds the perfect aesthetic and functionality to the loft above the kitchen in my Florida Keys-style bungalow.

I enjoyed working with the Alaco Team. They made the purchasing process easy and informative so I was able to plan my ladder project to perfection.

We have been ordering ladders from Alaco for over a decade. Alaco has the best variety of wood and stain options available to us that best coordinate with our full product line. We have been very pleased with their level of product quality, customer service, and consistent lead times.

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