How Alaco Ladder Meets the OSHA Standards for Ladders

At Alaco Ladder, we take pride in our job-made ladders. They consist of quality, aircraft-grade aluminum alloy with superior scratch resistance, so you won’t ever worry about repainting them. Our company strives to create safe, quality industrial ladders for clients from various industries.

High-grade materials give ladders a premium feel. However, to ensure that they will keep our clients safe for many years to come, we strictly follow all the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) standards for ladders. Alaco Ladder products will pass whatever quality control inspection your workplace undergoes or executes.

OSHA Standards for Exterior Ladders

Ladder accidents are a serious concern in the U.S. The CDC reports that out of the 500,000 people who get hospitalized for ladder-related injuries, more than 300 die. Several factors affect ladder safety. However, as ladder manufacturers, we can help address the nationwide issue by strictly following the OSHA standards for Exterior Ladders.

All our exterior ladders meet the following OSHA standards for ladders:


Exterior ladders have varying weight capacities. Depending on what the manufacturer uses for the frame and steps, the limits could range anywhere from 100 to 400 lbs. Of course, our aluminum alloy ladders meet the OSHA standards for exterior ladders and can easily accommodate a couple of hundred pounds.However, OSHA dictates that a ladder’s breaking point should go well beyond its marketed weight capacity. It should have enough strength for tools and equipment. OSHA standard number 1926.1053(a) states that self-supporting and portable ladders should be able to accommodate 3.3x and 4x their intended loads, respectively.

Fortunately, all our exterior roof access ladders meet the OSHA standards for ladders and can carry three to four times their limits. They feature a standard mill finish and are an excellent choice for chimneys, towers, vats, refineries, and other industrial applications. Even a heft adult male carrying several tools would have no problem climbing up and down our heavy-duty, industrial-grade exterior ladders.


OSHA standard number 1926.1053(b) focuses on ladder safety. It requires users to place their grease-free, damage-free exterior ladders on flat surfaces, guaranteeing sturdy footholds. The section also prohibits users from exceeding the rated capacity.

Although standard number 1926.1053(b) generally applies to ladder users, manufacturers like us must abide by it. Our ladders meet the OSHA standards for ladders and should allow users to comply with OSHA requirements.

For instance, 1926.1053(b)(1) requires that ladder rails extend by 3 feet when used to access upper landing surfaces. However, there will be cases where ladders won’t be tall enough. To prevent similar issues from arising and to meet the OSHA standards for exterior ladders, we add sturdy attachments to our ladders so that users can quickly hook them to grab rails and mounts.


Under OSHA standard number 1926.1053(b)(17), consumers can’t use fixed ladders with corroded components, split rails, or missing steps, among other damages. Otherwise, clients can’t file lawsuits or insurance claims in case of accidents. The OSHA standards for ladders dictate that using damaged ladders is an act of negligence on the victim’s part; they can’t blame the manufacturer anymore.

However, we want clients to know they can turn to the Alaco Ladder Company for ladder repairs and maintenance at any time. All our products meet the OSHA standards for ladders and come with a 5-year warranty. Our swift team will promptly do the necessary repairs so that you can get back to business.

OSHA Standards for Ship Ladders

OSHA classifies stairways with stair rails and treads sloped more than 70° as ship ladders. Please note that the OSHA standards for ship ladders are not only applicable and exclusive to ladders on boats. Industrial and commercial employers use ship ladders in settings that cannot accommodate regular staircases (i.e., factories, warehouses, docks).

All our roof hatch and mezzanine access ladders meet the following OSHA standards for ship ladders:


Standard number 1910.25(b) explains the basic guidelines that apply to all fixed staircases, including ship ladders in industrial settings. First and foremost, all staircases must have guardrails and handrails. If the architect or employer claims it’s impossible to set up rails, they must propose an alternative fall protection system.

As for overhead obstructions, they must always have a vertical clearance of at least 6’ 8″. Note that tread depths and riser heights must be uniform. Also, landings at the sides should meet a minimum width of 30″.

Also, OSHA has a minimum 1,000 lb. stair capacity. However, note that 1910.25(b) specifies each stair should accommodate at least 5x the anticipated live load of your typical foot traffic. Luckily, our staircases use aluminum alloy. You can rest assured that they easily meet the OSHA standards for ship ladders and your minimum load requirements.


Since industrial and commercial properties have limited free space, it would make sense for them to use spiral stairs alongside ship ladders whenever possible. They consume less floor area. Also, you can use the area underneath spiral staircases as a mini-storage nook for small cargo.

However, OSHA has specific OSHA standards for ship ladders and spiral stairs. Standard number 1910.25(d) requires a minimum headroom of 6’ 6″, a tread depth of 7.5″, and a clear width of 26″. Fortunately, all our products meet these guidelines. Just make sure not to overdo it because OSHA has also set maximum riser height limits of 9.5″.


The standard number 1910.25(e) specifically refers to ship ladders. Although OSHA understands that industrial and commercial properties lack space, it also emphasizes that employers should never compromise ship ladder safety. They still need to meet the OSHA standards for ship ladders.

OSHA has specific measurement requirements. Employers and property engineers must install ship ladders 50° to 70° from the horizontal and leave open risers with at least 6.5″ to 12″ of a vertical rise. Don’t worry—our aluminum alloy ship stairs easily meet the OSHA standards for ship ladders.

Helping Create OSHA-Compliant Work Environments

At Alaco Ladder, our commitment to quality has helped us launch our products nationwide. Thousands of SMBs and big-box companies trust us. In fact, our team has already sold job-made ladders to widely known institutions like Disney, the County of Los Angeles, CA, and even the U.S. Department of Defense.

Contact us to learn more about how our products meet the OSHA standards for ladders. Whether you need a secure roof hatch access ship ladder for your factory or an exterior ladder for roof access, we’ve got you covered. Call (888) 310-7040!

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