Heavy Duty Mezzanine Ladder Units

In real estate, mezzanines refer to the low-story floor between the first and ground floor, although you can erect them on any floor. They usually have no surrounding walls and are partly open. Also, since these structures serve as intermediaries, they require a mezzanine ladder since they do not occupy the entire floor area of the level beneath them.

You’ll find mezzanines in both real estate and commercial properties. However, OSHA has specific requirements when using them in industrial settings, which also extend to the ladders attached to them. Mezzanines are elevated structures, after all. The lack of a solid access point can cause anyone to fall off the level, making heavy-duty mezzanine ladders, handrails, and guardrails imperative.

Alaco manufactures a variety of ladders for easy access to mezzanines, equipment lofts and similar applications. Aluminum mezzanine ladder models are available at custom angles and come standard with extended handrails but can be ordered with flush handrails or without handrails. Our aluminum ladder for mezzanine use comes in a standard mill finish.

We generally carry two types of aluminum mezzanine ladder models:

Ship Ladders

OSHA defines ship ladders as special fixed staircases with treads, risers, and steps that slope 50° to 70° horizontally. You’ll find them much steeper than standard stairs. Ships Ladders are designed for a fixed, permanent installation utilizing Alaco heavy-duty aluminum brackets.

Although they consume much less space, mobility-impaired individuals might find them challenging to climb. However, OSHA helps builders and users prevent accidents by imposing specific guidelines, including:


The 1910.25(e)(1) explicitly defines that ship ladders must have a 50° to 70° slope. Also, as with all staircases, they need handrails on the sides. To opt out of rails, the engineer or property manager must first prove that extra handrails will only compromise workplace safety. In this instance, they must create an alternative fall prevention system.

1910.25(e)(2), (3), and (4)

Again, ship ladders are hard to climb. Depending on the height of your mezzanine, you might have to bend your news over 90° with each step. To prevent injuries, OSHA tread depth and width to 4″ and 18″, respectively. Following these measurements will help make your staircase more accessible and convenient, especially for mobility-impaired workers. Just make sure to maintain a 6.5″ to 12″ vertical rise on tread surfaces.


Is your ship stair beside a door? Although the OSHA allows engineers to place ladders near entryways, open doors must not compromise more than 20″ of the platform. Otherwise, you’ll have to create a new loading platform for your mezzanine ladder. It might seem like a simple task but doing so actually requires you to change the overall dimensions and measurements of your ship ladder as well.

Folding Wall Ladders

OSHA classifies folding wall ladders as portable ladders. Like ship ladders, they slope steeper and consume less space than standard stairs. Designed with special mounting brackets to save space when not in use, convenient folding wall ladders feature solid, no-scuff feet for a steady, superior grip. Also, they help you get on and off the mezzanine floor.

However, unlike ship ladders, you can move them around the vicinity since their cleats, rungs, and steps aren’t attached to anything. You can also call them self-supporting ladders.

Although convenient, portable ladders create several new risks, which you can only mitigate by following these OSHA guidelines:


Portable ladders must accommodate more than their intended weight limit. OSHA generally requires going three to four times over, or else the ladder might not pass safety inspections. Fortunately, our durable aluminum portable ladders easily meet this requirement.


Poorly-spaced steps lead to accidents. OSHA generally dictates that they, alongside rungs and cleats, should have a 10″ to 14″ distance between each other. Narrow steps can make you fumble. Meanwhile, wide steps might make you exhausted and trip.

Quality Aluminum Mezzanine Ladder Models for Your Space

If you need a ladder for a mezzanine level, turn straight to us at Alaco Ladder Company. Our heavy-duty mezzanine ladder models use premium, aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, allowing each step to carry more than the recommended weight. You won’t have to worry about our stairs buckling to wear and tear damage.

For more information on our aluminum mezzanine ladders, reach out to us at (888) 310-7040. Just show us your mezzanine’s dimensions. Our team will recommend a model that meets OSHA standards without compromising budget or space efficiency.


  • Designed for maximum safety, comfort and support
  • Custom engineered with standard parts and components, to meet any condition, at the lowest cost.
  • Quick, responsive service from our staff of experts, for fast quotes and fast shipments.


M60 – 60° Ships Ladder (MAX 15’)

M70 – 70° Ships Ladder (MAX 17’)

M75 – 75° Ships Ladder (MAX 17’)

M80 – 80° Ships Ladder (MAX 14’)

MP60 – 60° Folding Ladder (MAX 15’)

MP70 – 70° Folding Ladder (MAX 17’)

MP75 – 75° Folding Ladder (MAX 17’)

MP80 – 80° Folding Ladder (MAX 14’)

M1000 – 60° Ships Ladder

M1000 – 65° Ships Ladder

M1000 – 70° Ships Ladder

M1000 – 75° Ships Ladder

X1000 – 1000 lbs. Capacity Ships Ladder with Platform & Return

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