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Ships Ladders

Aluminum Ship Ladder

Aluminum ship ladder units play a crucial role in industrial settings. They help workers scale various structures, from low-story mezzanines to towering 10-story buildings. However, if not used properly, they also carry risks. Reports show that out of 500,000 people hospitalized for ladder-related falls per year, 300 die. As an employer, the best way to prevent slip-and-fall accidents is to use OSHA-compliant ship ladders.

Remember; the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) focuses on creating safe workplaces. Although non-compliant tools might save you a few bucks, they’ll also compromise your workers. In the worst case, victims of on-the-job accidents can even sue you, costing you possibly thousands of dollars in legal fees.

OSHA-compliant Ship Ladders

Our OSHA-compliant ship ladders come with rails, open risers, treads, and steps that slope 50° to 70° horizontally. People use them in tight spaces where standard stairs won’t fit. Ship ladders consume less space, but climbing steep steps also takes much more effort. Mobility-impaired adults might struggle a bit.

Fortunately, our aluminum ship ladders minimize accident risks by following these standards:


All our aluminum ship ladder units come with handrails and guides. If your space does not permit rails, we’ll help you come up with an alternative fall prevention system.

1910.25(b)(4) and (5)

We can adjust the distance between stairway landings and platforms to equal the width of your stairs. Also, inform us if the ladder will be beside a door. We can modify the ship ladder so that opening the door compromises less than 20″ of the platform.


Our aluminum ship ladders have varying load capacities. However, in line with the standard rule 1910.25(b)(6), their actual limits equal five times their intended loads.

OSHA-compliant exterior ladders

OSHA-compliant exterior ladders are fixed stairs connected to structures less than 20 feet high.

You’ll find them on chimneys, tanks, elevator pits, and low-rise rooftops. However, note that they differ from staircases used for emergencies. To ensure the safety of your users, our OSHA-compliant exterior ladders follow these standards:


The rung central line should be around 4″ to 7″ away from the nearest structure (i.e., wall, tank, post).


We’ll adjust rung sizes to meet the minimum 24″ clearance when passing through overhead obstructions and openings.


Standard 1917.118(e)(2) requires “exterior” ladders exceeding 20 feet to follow different structural requirements. Fixed ladders need a cage or barricade. While portable, retractable ladders need a stable platform every 30 feet.

OSHA-Compliant Roof Access Ladders

Our OSHA-compliant roof access ladders consist of various fixed and portable models, including ship, folding wall, fixed wall, and retractable fixed wall ladders. The first two are suited for structures below 20 feet. Meanwhile, you can use fixed ladders for rooftops and structures exceeding 20 to 30 feet.

For top-notch safety and security, our OSHA-compliant roof access ladders follow these standards:


We use durable cage barriers designed to withstand thousands of pounds’ worth of concentrated force.


Platform ladders can only extend beyond 30 feet if they have additional platforms.


Platform ladders cannot go beyond 20 feet, even if they have platforms every 30 feet.

Get Top-Grade, OSHA-compliant Aluminum Ladders

At Alaco Ladder Company, we pride ourselves on the quality of all our aluminum ladder units. We use nothing but the best raw materials. The premium, aircraft-grade aluminum alloy backing every model ensures that they won’t buckle even after taking over 1000 lbs. In fact, we’ll even give you a 5-year warranty on our products, including our:

  • OSHA-compliant ship ladders
  • OSHA-compliant exterior ladders
  • OSHA-compliant roof access ladders

Just tell us what you need! We carry dozens of different aluminum ladder models. Whether you want a fixed ship ladder or a towering 30-foot platform ladder, we’ve got you covered. Our personable sales team will happily guide you through the options available until you find one that suits your commercial or industrial space. Call (888) 310-7040 for more information.

Roof Hatch Access Ships Ladders

H60 – 60° Ships Ladder
H70 – 70° Ships Ladder
H75 – 75° Ships Ladder
H80 – 80° Ships Ladder
H1000-75 – 75° Ships Ladder
H1000-70 – 70° Ships Ladder
H1000-65 – 65° Ships Ladder
H1000-60 – 60° Ships Ladder

Mezzanine Access Ships Ladders

M60 – 60° Ships Ladder
M70 – 70° Ships Ladder
M75 – 75° Ships Ladder
M80 – 80° Ships Ladder
MP60 – 60° Folding Ladder
MP70 – 70° Folding Ladder
MP75 – 75° Folding Ladder
MP80 – 80° Folding Ladder
M1000-75 – 75° Ships Ladder
M1000-70 – 70° Ships Ladder
M1000-65 – 65° Ships Ladder
M1000-60 – 60° Ships Ladder
X1000 Ships Ladder with Platform and Return

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Alaco Ladders’ ease of installation, appearance and function lead to positive results for our closet customers, which in turn leads to more referrals for JL Closets. I have no hesitation recommending Alaco to anyone needing a ladder system because they offer a very solid product produced by a very professional company and staff.

I just received our Alaco Ladder and I must say it is beautiful – great craftsmanship and nice design. It was easy to setup and install. It adds the perfect aesthetic and functionality to the loft above the kitchen in my Florida Keys-style bungalow.

I enjoyed working with the Alaco Team. They made the purchasing process easy and informative so I was able to plan my ladder project to perfection.

We have been ordering ladders from Alaco for over a decade. Alaco has the best variety of wood and stain options available to us that best coordinate with our full product line. We have been very pleased with their level of product quality, customer service, and consistent lead times.

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