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Why Use An OSHA-Compliant Ship Ladder

A ship ladder is an essential part of operations in almost all workplaces, which provides quick and efficient access to out-of-reach heights. However, this tool could be dangerous if workers do not operate them properly, keep them in good working condition, or do not strictly follow standard requirements.

Injuries from ladder falls could be severe, including fractures, contusions, and even brain and spinal injuries. A fall is always unexpected, and it could happen at any time.

One way to help ensure you stay safe while working on a ladder is to use one that follows the OSHA ship ladder standards since manufacturers designed them to prevent or minimize falls and injuries.

At Alaco Ladder, we take pride in our high-quality ladders. They consist of aircraft-aluminum alloy with incredible scratch resistance, so our clients will not have to worry about repainting. Our company strives to produce safe, quality industrial ladders using high-grade materials that offer a premium feel. In addition, our ship ladder specifications strictly follow all the OSHA requirements to ensure that our products keep our clients safe for many years.

OSHA Ship Ladder Standards

Alaco Roof Hatch and Mezzanine Access Ladders

Mezzanine Access LadderAs per standard number 1910.25(b), ship ladders in industrial settings should have handrails and guardrails. However, if the employer or architect claims it is impossible, they must offer an alternative fall protection system.

Additionally, there must be a minimum vertical clearance of 6’8” and uniform tread depths and riser heights. The same section indicates that the landings at a ladder’s sides should at least be 30” wide.

OSHA also requires a minimum 1,000 lb stair capacity. However, standard number 1910.25(b) indicates that each stair should accommodate a minimum of 5x the expected live load from typical foot traffic. In addition, standard number 1910.25(d) specifies that there should be a headroom of at least 6’6”, a clear width of 26”, and a tread depth of 7.5”.

Ship Ladders

Standard number 1910.25(e), specifically for ship ladders, indicates that employers should never compromise ladder safety. So, OSHA also requires specific measurement requirements. For example, engineers and employers must install ladders 50o to 70o from horizontal. Additionally, they must leave open risers with a minimum vertical rise of 6.5” to 12”.

At Alaco Ladder, we take pride in our dedication to quality and safety, which is why all our ladders meet OSHA standards. So, our customers can rest assured that they are not compromising ship ladder safety for quality. Thousands of big-box and SMB companies trust us, and our team has sold job-made ladders to widely known institutions like the County of Los Angeles, the US Department of Defense, and Disney.

Explore more on our website or contact us to know how our ladders meet the OSHA ship ladder standards. Whether you need an exterior ship ladder or a roof hatch access ladder, we have got you covered! Call (888) 310-7040 today!

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