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Here’s Why You Should Get Your Exterior Aluminum Ladder from Alaco

Exterior aluminum Ladder SchematicsIt is essential to have a quality ladder in your home or workplace. No matter your project, there are a few things that even the best ladder cannot do. That’s where an Alaco exterior aluminum ladder comes in and makes things easier for you.

This is not just a company that provides the ladder. It is a company that provides the tools to make your project a success. We have quality aluminum ladders that strictly follow OSHA exterior ladder standards and are affordable and easy to use. Building partnerships with engineers, contractors, and architects have been a long-term goal of Alaco Ladder to help clients build safe, strong, and well-designed structures.

You can find an exterior aluminum ladder in millions of American homes and buildings, primarily providing rooftop access to its operators and owners. Since these tools are most suitable in industrial settings, it is best to get one that complies with safety protocols. So, if you are looking for one that is heavy-duty and follows OSHA exterior ladder standards, Alaco ladders are an excellent choice!

Alaco Ladder’s exterior roof ladders are an excellent choice if you are looking for quality external aluminum ladders that provide outstanding long-lasting durability. They are ideal for providing permanent outdoor access to rooftops that are less than 20 feet high. Additionally, these tools have a standard mill finish and are ideal options for towers, chimneys, tanks, and other industrial applications.

Besides their effectiveness and strength, here’s why Alaco is the best choice for all your ladder needs:

Alaco Strictly Follows OSHA Exterior Ladder Standards


Exterior Aluminum LadderExterior ladders have varying weight capacities, and the limits could range from 100 to 400 lbs., depending on what the manufacturer used for their frames and steps.

However, OSHA specifies that a ladder’s breaking point should be well beyond its marketed capacity. In line with this standard number, all exterior aluminum ladder from Alaco has enough strength for tools and equipment and can accommodate 3x to 4x their intended loads.


This standard number focuses on exterior ladder safety information. OSHA requires users to ensure that their ladders are grease-free and damage-free before placing them on flat surfaces, which guarantees its sturdy foothold. Additionally, standard number 1926.1053(b) prohibits operators and owners from exceeding the ladder’s rated capacity.

Fortunately, Alaco Ladder strictly follows OSHA exterior ladder standards. For example, we make sure to place rails on our ladders that extend by 3 feet when used to access upper landing surfaces. And although there are instances where ladders need to be taller, we also add sturdy attachments to exterior ladders so our clients can quickly hook them to grab mounts and rails.


According to standard number 1926.1053(b)(17), users should not use fixed ladders with damages, including split rails, missing steps, and corroded components, among others. OSHA exterior ladder standards indicate that using damaged ones is the victim’s act of negligence, so they cannot file insurance claims or lawsuits in case of accidents.

Good news is that Alaco Ladder offers ladder maintenance and repairs any time our clients need it. Our team will promptly do what they can so you can get back to your business as quickly as possible.

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