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Ship Ladder ANSI Standard: Understanding ANSI

To ensure workers’ and laborers’ safety in the workplace, employers and business owners must see to it that they strictly adhere to certain safety standards put in place by U.S.-recognized regulating bodies. Alaco Ladder strictly follows the ship ladder ANSI standard to ensure the safety of everyone using their premium, heavy-duty ladders.

Understanding ANSI

What is ANSI and why do businesses and employers follow its accredited and approved standards? Briefly, ANSI stands for the American National Standards Institute. Unlike the OSHA that develops and sets safety standards for various working conditions and work environments, ANSI performs more in the “approval and accreditation” capacity, working closely with standards developers from various industries to review and approve (or deny, as deemed fit) recommended standards.

These standards developers generally fall under one of the following categories:

  • Companies and businesses
  • Consumer organizations or groups
  • Standards organizations or groups
  • Government bodies and/or agencies

These standards cover workplace processes, products, equipment, manufacturing operations, and more. Additionally, the ANSI works with standards developers to ensure that approved U.S. standards are consistent and compliant with international standards to make U.S.-made products safe for use outside the country. This makes ANSI-accredited product fit for sale overseas. So whether it’s a U.S. manufactured ship ladder or other products, if they are OSHA and ANSI approved, they can be sold outside the United States.

ANSI-ASC for Ladders

The American National Standards Institute Accredited Standards Committee (ANSI-ASC) provides standards packages for manufactured ship ladder as well as correct ladder usage that owners and employers can purchase, which they can then use as guide and reference. In general, these standards packages for ladders cover the following types of ladders:

  • Wood ladders
  • Portable metal ladders
  • Fixed ladders
  • Job-made wooden ladders
  • Portable reinforced plastic
  • Mobile ladder stands and mobile ladder platforms
  • Ladder accessories
  • Stepstools

Likewise, these ANSI-ASC standards cover all aspects of ladder manufacturing, including materials, construction process, design, proper usage, and care and maintenance. The ANSI-ASC also oversees testing of the ladders to ensure their safety, with particular focus on ascending and descending manner (face-forward or backward), load support, and railings or guardrails.

Alaco Ship Ladder ANSI Standard

1000 LBS. CAPACITY SHIPS LADDER WITH PLATFORM AND RETURNAlaco Ladder is the most trusted provider of high-quality, durable ladders, designed and manufactured with the user’s safety in mind. Considered among the pioneers in the industry, Alaco ladder has been in the business of manufacturing world-class ladders for over 100 years.

All our ladders have passed stringent requirements from the OSHA as well as safety standards approved and recommended by the American National Standards Institute.

We specialize in the following types of ladder:

    • Fixed access
    • Library ladders
    • Loft ladders

Special purpose ladders, including stepladders and stools, rolling workstands, extension, fire ladders, agricultural ladders, platform ladders, and shelf and counter ladders

  • Custom crossover ladders

For manufactured ship ladder, Alaco Ladder offers two general options: roof hatch access ships ladders and mezzanine access ships ladders.

Contact Alaco Ladder for high-quality and durable manufactured ship ladder, ANSI standard. Please feel free to call us at (888) 310-7040 for questions and inquiries.

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