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Do you work in construction and need a fixed aluminum ladder for the structure you are building or working on? You can’t go wrong with Alaco Ladder’s top-quality aluminum ladders. Built to withstand the elements while offering superior strength and support to users, Alaco’s ladders, including fixed aluminum ladders, are among the most sought-after in the country, utilized for various applications across diverse industries.

Why choose Alaco Ladder fixed aluminum ladders

Alaco Ladders aluminum ladders are manufactured using strong, aircraft-grade aluminum alloy (6061-T6) that exceeds OSHA and ANSI standards. What this translates to is superior quality fixed aluminum ladder guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

Our ladders are built and designed for high-impact environments, giving you heavy-duty strength you won’t find anywhere else. In a nutshell, every fixed aluminum ladder we manufacture is:

  • Designed using aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Assembled using solid rivets that can withstand over 1,000 pounds of sheer strength
  • Assembled with nickel-alloy bolts and bushings that won’t fail

Alaco’s aluminum ladders reduce falling risks considerably. You also get value for your money as they are built to last for many years, or a lifetime.

Alaco Ladder specializes in exterior access aluminum ladders. These include the following:

  • Aluminum extension ladders
  • Ships ladders
  • Exterior roof access ladders,
  • And more

Each ladder-type likewise comes in various options and designs. For instance, exterior roof access ladders (which provide permanent access points for roofs under 20 feet in height) are available in handrail-only and return structures designs.

If you work with a structure or surface that does not fit into any standard specification, you’d be glad to know that we accept custom requests for ladder brackets.

Alaco Ladder fixed aluminum ladders come in a standard mill finish, making them an ideal option for vats, chimneys, towers, and refineries.

Alaco Ladder Going Beyond Ladder Manufacturing

Alaco’s goal is to provide superior quality ladders that provide ample weight and load support for all users to ensure their safety every time they use the ladder. And to help achieve this goal, Alaco has likewise made it their mission to train and educate contractors and other concerned personnel about ladder safety.

AEC Daily Ladder Safety Course Alaco offers a ladder efficiency and safety course for contractors, engineers, architects, and other building design and construction professionals. The course is online and self-paced, which makes it ideal for busy professionals.

Entitled “Reaching the Roof: Specifying Fixed Access Aluminum Ladders for Safety and Efficiency,” the course discusses proper ladder design and installation, various types of fixed access ladders, safety standards and codes that apply to each one, design materials, and more. The goal of this course is to ensure the welfare of all ladder users.

Contact Alaco Ladder today

Do you have questions about the course? Or do you wish to inquire about Alaco’s fixed aluminum ladder options? Please feel free to contact Alaco Ladder at (888) 310-7040 for questions and inquiries.

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