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OSHA Rated Aluminum Ladders Help Prevent Fall Accidents in the Workplace

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health reports that thousands of people get injured each year from fall accidents involving ladders. And hundreds more die from ladder-related fall accidents. These numbers are the reason why only OSHA rated aluminum ladders should be used for work, whether in commercial, construction, or industrial applications.

OSHA Rated Heavy Duty Aluminum Ladders

Heavy Duty Aluminum LadderThe Occupational Safety and Health Administration, which is part of the US Department of Labor, oversees workplace safety for employees and employers mostly in the private sector. The general work environment as well as tools, equipment, machinery, and hazardous materials all need to be used, stored, and disposed of according to OSHA standards.

For work applications that require the use of aluminum ladders, OSHA rated aluminum ladders are strongly advised for two reasons: First, OSHA rated heavy duty aluminum ladders help prevent ladder-related fall accidents in the workplace. As these ladders have met strict OSHA standards both in quality and design, the risk of fall accidents is reduced. Bear in mind, however, that they must be used exactly for the purpose they were designed for. This means it’s not enough that you are using OSHA rated ladders; they must be used according to their specific purpose as well.

Secondly, aluminum ladders that have met strict OSHA standards may protect your business from certain applicable liabilities, including lawsuits from workers or their families and penalties from authorities or governing bodies for violating workplace safety standards, among others.

Alaco Ladder Company OSHA Rated Heavy Duty Aluminum Ladders

If you’re a building contractor, engineer, architect, specifications writer, roofing contractor, event manager, or a professional in a similar field and you need heavy duty aluminum ladders, Alaco’s high-quality heavy duty aluminum ladders could be exactly what you need. Our aluminum ladders, including crossover ladders, are made from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy to ensure strength, stability, and durability. Our world-class aluminum ladders are weather-resistant, which means they do not easily tarnish or corrode even with constant exposure to extreme weather conditions.

All our ladders have the OSHA seal of approval, which means you can have peace of mind knowing you are providing safe access ladders to your workers.

For your reference, Alaco’s OSHA rated aluminum ladders include the following:

  • Extension ladders
  • Ships ladders
  • Exterior roof access ladders
  • Loft ladders
  • And more…

Alaco Ladder Company OSHA compliancy

As mentioned above, Alaco Ladder makes sure to strictly follow OSHA standards in the design and manufacturing of their ladders to reduce the risk of fall accidents and to ensure the general safety of all users. Apart from using only high-grade materials for all their ladders, Alaco likewise makes sure to follow OSHA standards on weight or load capacity, installation of handrails and guardrails to enable users to safely go up and down the ladder, ladder specifications according to usage or purpose, and the overall quality of the product, i.e. no corroded or missing parts.

One of the things that customers appreciate the most about Alaco is their commitment to providing not only high-quality ladders and stools but also exceptional customer service before, during, and after the buying process. Alaco ladders come with a five-year warranty. You can go to them for repairs and maintenance of your ladders.

Professionals who rely on Alaco Ladder for all their ladder needs include:

  • Building contractors
  • Roofing contractors
  • Building engineers
  • Safety engineers
  • Architects
  • Specifications writers
  • Retail managers
  • Display and event managers
  • Store owners
  • Government agencies

Contact Alaco Ladder Company today for quality heavy-duty OSHA rated aluminum ladders

What are the specifications of your workplace or work environment? Do you have a specific ladder design in mind? Please feel free to fill out the Contact Form here to let us know your ladder requirements and specifications. You can rest assured that our aluminum ladders for commercial and industrial use strictly follow OSHA safety standards. For other questions or for inquiries, you may also reach Alaco Ladder at (888) 310-7040 for fast quotes and fast shipments.

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