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Crossover Exterior Ladder Safety Features, Options, and Purpose

Exterior ladders are utilized to access the roof. These are fixed ladders mounted on the exterior wall of the structure or building to provide users access to the roof. Crossover exterior ladders, on the other hand, are ladders used on rooftops. Building design and construction professionals, roofing companies or roofing contractors, as well as engineers, architects, and specifications writers, consider roof access and crossover exterior ladder safety features a top deciding factor when choosing access ladders for their project(s).

What is a crossover ladder or platform?

A crossover ladder, as mentioned above, is used on rooftops to provide a safe platform for crossing over pipes, electrical tubes, water conduits, and other obstacles. In a word, a crossover exterior ladder or platform prevents tripping accidents.

Crossover ladders or platforms are not exclusive to exterior and roofing applications. These are common in industrial workplaces as well such as manufacturing plants and factories. These provide a safe passage over equipment and hazardous materials inside the factory, among others.

Crossover exterior ladder safety features

Aluminum Crossover LadderFirst off, readers must understand that not every ladder on the market today is OSHA-compliant. If you are an engineer, building contractor, roofing contractor, architect, or specifications writer and you’re purchasing a ladder for your project, you must ensure that this was designed and manufactured according to OSHA standards as well as applicable local building codes. This not only protects you from liability but more importantly, it protects your workers and general users by reducing their exposure to slip and fall accidents.

On that note, if it is a crossover exterior ladder you are looking for, you cannot go wrong with Alaco Ladder’s range of ladders, including crossover ladders and platforms. Each type and model was designed and manufactured in strict compliance with OSHA standards.

An important safety feature in all Alaco’s aluminum crossover exterior ladders is the material used. Ladder safety, like any other product, begins with the sources used to create them. You would be glad to know that Alaco’s aluminum exterior roof and crossover ladders are manufactured using only top-quality, aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. For the reader’s information, this type of aluminum alloy not only meets but exceeds OSHA standards.

As for other crossover exterior ladder safety features, these include the following:

  • Appropriately sized rungs
  • Deflection devices for wider gaps
  • Accurate side rail sizes and positions
  • And many more…

It is important to note here that rung size is just as important as other components of the ladder. Some buyers neglect to check the size of the rung, focusing mostly on handrails and rubber feet that secure the bottom of the ladder. A rung that is either too big or too small, and spaced unevenly between rungs, could cause the user to become unstable which increases their risk for slip and fall accident.

Custom ladders for non-standard size spaces

In addition, if your ladder needs do not fit into any of Alaco’s standard units, they can accommodate requests for custom designs and sizes custom engineered with standard parts and components to meet any condition.

Roofing companies rely on Alaco Ladder for roof access and building maintenance

Roofing companies that have been hired to repair, maintain or install a roofing system turn to the most trusted manufacturer of high-quality, durable roof access and crossover ladders. Apart from the uses mentioned above, a crossover ladder is likewise installed to allow building maintenance personnel to access the building’s heating and cooling system (HVAC), making it easier for designated personnel to properly maintain the unit thus reducing the risk of damage or breakdowns.

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