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Heavy Duty Aluminum Ladder: Top 5 Features Every Contractor Needs

Are you a general contractor or a roofing contractor looking for heavy-duty ladders for your construction project? You should consider one of the country’s leading ladder manufacturers Alaco Ladder. They specialize in heavy-duty aluminum ladders for industrial, construction, commercial, and residential applications. From heavy-duty crossover aluminum ladder for industrial sites and roofing applications to heavy-duty aluminum ladder for building construction and commercial applications, you can’t go wrong with Alaco’s aluminum ladders.

If you’re a specifications writer, architect, or safety engineer assigned to a construction project, here are the top five features of a heavy-duty exterior aluminum ladder that every contractor needs:


1. Load support that exceeds the ladder’s standard load capacity

One of the first features that must be checked is the ladder’s load capacity. Typically, heavy-duty aluminum ladders for contractors must be able to support load capacities between 250 lbs. and 400 lbs. OSHA standards dictate that a heavy-duty aluminum ladder must be able to support a load that is at least three times its standard load capacity. This is because there may be times when the user must bring with them certain tools or small equipment while going up or down the ladder. This extra load support ensures the ladder will remain stable even with that extra weight to support.


2. Stability

A ladder’s stability not only depends on proper installation, it also depends on the material used to build the ladder, the safety features included and installed, and customized features for small and/or unique spaces. Alaco’s heavy duty aluminum ladders for contractors, spec writers, architects, engineers, and safety officers are built using aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and designed and manufactured following strict OSHA and ANSI standards.


3. OSHA and ANSI compliant

Ladders used in industrial, construction, commercial, and other public or general settings must be designed and manufactured according to OSHA and ANSI standards. This not only ensures the user’s safety but also eliminates the manufacturer’s liability against work-related accidents.


4. Durable

In a construction setting, ladders are usually used for outdoor work, which means they are exposed to the elements most of the time. A heavy-duty crossover aluminum ladder or heavy-duty exterior aluminum ladder must be designed and built in such a way that it can withstand various environments and weather conditions. The best ladder for a contractor is one whose quality and safety won’t be compromised after being exposed to different weather and climate conditions for some time. In other words, a good heavy duty aluminum ladder can stand the test of time.


5. Rust resistant

Aluminum doesn’t typically rust, and if the aluminum used on your ladder is a high-grade, like Alaco’s aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, it is all the more rust-resistant. This feature ensures two things: The ladder won’t buckle under harsh weather and environmental conditions, and it will last a long time.

What type of heavy duty aluminum ladder are you looking for? Please feel free to fill out the Contact Form here to leave us a message. You may also reach Alaco Ladder at (888) 310-7040 for fast quotes and fast shipments


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