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Heavy Duty Aluminum Ladder vs Fiberglass Ladder: Which One is Right for Contractors?

Contractors, whether general building contractors or roofing contractors, must ensure that all equipment, machineries, and tools they will be using for their projects are made from high-quality materials and designed with utmost safety in mind to prevent workplace accidents and injuries. From heavy duty aluminum ladder units to various other construction tools, each one must meet specific standards to ensure the workers’ safety.

Choosing between heavy duty aluminum ladder and heavy-duty fiberglass ladder

Specifications writers, building contractors, roofing contractors, engineers, and architects, among others, are often presented with at least two options when it comes to equipment, tools, and other materials for their project. Determining which one is ideal depends on several factors. For instance, if you’re a roofing contractor choosing between a heavy-duty fiberglass ladder and a heavy duty exterior aluminum ladder, factors to consider include load capacity, weight of the ladder, longevity, and safety.

For roofing applications, a heavy duty exterior aluminum ladder is the better option between the two because a fiberglass ladder is heavier compared to an aluminum ladder. And as the ladder’s load capacity increases, its weight also increases. This makes a fiberglass ladder incredibly heavy to transport, making it less portable compared to a heavy-duty exterior or heavy duty crossover aluminum ladder

Heavy duty aluminum ladders for contractors

In general, professionals in building construction and maintenance prefer aluminum ladders over other ladders because of their longevity and weight. As mentioned, in construction and roofing applications, portability is a key deciding factor for ladder options. However, fiberglass ladders are sometimes preferred for construction sites that are exposed to too much heat and sunlight as fiberglass is less prone to bending and twisting. On the other hand, contractors that use heavy-duty aluminum ladders in extreme weather conditions find that with proper usage and storage, aluminum ladders are able to withstand harsh conditions as well.

For your reference, Alaco Ladder Company uses aircraft grade aluminum alloy for all their aluminum ladders, making them arguably the strongest and more durable aluminum ladders on the market today.

Last but not the least is the cost. Fiberglass material is typically more expensive than aluminum, which means an aluminum ladder is the more cost-effective choice for your construction projects.

The bottom line is, deciding whether to go with a heavy-duty fiberglass ladder or a heavy duty aluminum ladder depends on your specific needs and requirements as well as your ease and comfort in terms of usage and maintenance, and your budget. Discussing your options with your team is the best way to find the right ladder for your project.

Alaco Ladder Company heavy duty aluminum ladders for contractors

What type aluminum ladder do you need for your project? Alaco Ladder Company specializes in aluminum ladders, from a heavy duty crossover aluminum ladder to heavy duty exterior aluminum ladder, and more. Tell us what you need, and we’ll find the perfect ladder solution for your project. Please feel free to fill out the Contact Form here to leave us a message. You may also reach Alaco Ladder Company at (888) 310-7040.

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