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Do You Need Exterior Aluminum Ladder? Get Yours from Alaco Ladder

Aluminum Exterior LadderYou can use OSHA-compliant exterior aluminum ladders in many different applications, primarily in construction projects. However, you can also use them in industrial settings like manufacturing, hospitality, and even the public sector. Several materials are available to make these tools, but the main advantage of aluminum ladders is that they are lightweight and easy to carry.

If you’re considering buying a heavy-duty exterior ladder, it is best to make sure it strictly follows the exterior ladder OSHA Code. Fortunately, here at Alaco, we design and build our products according to safety protocols and meet busy professionals’ needs in indoor and outdoor settings.

Alaco Ladder can provide you permanent access points for roofs under 20 feet high with an exterior aluminum ladder. Some of these ladders have only handrails, while others have return structures built into the top to suit various client preferences. Meanwhile, architects and engineers working with unusual wall surfaces or structures can also rely on Alaco to create custom ladder brackets for a perfect fit and maximum operational safety.

The ladders, which have a standard mill finish, complement various installation structures such as towers, chimneys, and industrial buildings. We also build custom cages and platforms for exterior installations.

At Alaco, we design our cages for ladders taller than 20 feet and feature quarter-inch by two-inch hoops attached to sturdy vertical bars. Each one consists of the same aluminum alloy as our ladders, ensuring it can withstand continuous use and will never fail under load. Additionally, our platforms for ladders taller than 30 feet provide users with a safe and convenient rest area while climbing. We enclose them with round railings bracketed to the ladders and built to the highest standards possible, which ensures support and safety.

Why Choose Alaco’s Exterior Aluminum Ladder?

Whenever you seek durability and quality in ladders, Alaco Ladders are the way to go. Our products’ strength and durability are why clients choose us. Because exterior ladders are exposed to the elements, finding a ladder that can withstand external challenges and conditions caused by changing seasons is critical.

If this is your first time encountering our excellent choice of ladders, you will appreciate that we designed our folding roof access ladder and exterior roof access ladder to withstand and overcome seasonal changes. Alaco ladders are made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy (6061-T6) and offer unparalleled strength and durability, allowing customers to use their ladders for many years.

More importantly, Alaco Ladder manufactures ladders following U.S. safety codes to ensure the user’s safety and welfare. We strictly follow guidelines and regulations provided by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the Department of Labor and safety standards recommended by the American National Standards Institute. In addition, Alaco Ladder stays current with the latest changes in these codes and standards to ensure that each ladder produced meets safety standards.

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