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Alaco Ladders: The Best Heavy-Duty Aluminum Ship Ladder Units in The U.S.

Fixed Access Aluminum LadderEmployers must keep their workers safe and protect the public by following OSHA compliance. Ladders are an integral part of many construction sites, so employers and operators should be knowledgeable of ship ladder safety and ship ladder OSHA requirements.

Unfortunately, 20% of all fall injuries in all occupations include a ladder, according to the CDC. The dangers of ladder accidents are even more obvious among construction workers, particularly roofing, framing, siding, and painting contractors. An estimated 81% of fall injuries treated in emergency rooms across the country include a ladder.

Construction has the greatest ladder fall injuries of all industries. One of the most reported OSHA infractions is falling from great heights, including ladder safety violations. Compliance with OSHA guidelines would have prevented most of these events.

If OSHA covers your company and provides ladders for your employees, you must follow ladder training and safety guidelines. The good news is that these safety guidelines and procedures assist you in protecting workers and avoiding costly injuries.

Moreover, it is crucial to have a heavy-duty aluminum ship ladder that is compliant with OSHA standards to keep your employees safe. Examine the OSHA ladder guidelines to ensure that you and your staff take the appropriate precautions to avoid disasters.

Alaco Ladder Manufactures the Best Aluminum Ship Ladders in the U.S.

The best ladders in the U.S. are OSHA-compliant ladders because manufacturers like Alaco Ladder design these handy tools with ship ladder safety in mind. The best ladders are strong, stable, and durable. Here are more reasons why Alaco’s heavy-duty ship ladder units are the best in the United States:

All units from Alaco Ladder strictly follow the ship ladder OSHA requirements, including the following:


According to standard number 1910.25(b), all staircases must have handrails and guardrails. So, if the employer claims it is impossible to set up rails on their ladder, they must suggest an alternative fall protection system to maintain ship ladder safety.

Additionally, ladders should have overhead obstructions with a minimum vertical clearance of 6’8″; uniform riser heights and tread depths; side landings that are at least 30″ wide; and a stair capacity of at least 1000 lb.

In line with this section, Alaco’s heavy-duty ship ladders consist of aluminum alloy, so you can rest assured that they follow these requirements.


OSHA ladder standards require a minimum headroom of 6’6″, a clear width of 26″, and a tread depth of 7.5″, which all our units follow.


This section emphasizes that workers must install the ladders 50° to 70° from the horizontal surface and leave open rises with a minimum vertical rise of 6.5″ to 12″. Fortunately, our ladders easily meet these requirements.

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