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Aluminum Ladders for Sale: The Best Ladders in the Market

Aluminum laddersIf you are looking for ladders, you found the right place! Alaco offers high-quality and long-lasting aluminum ladders for sale, which you can use for various settings. With decades of experience in the business, we built a name known for industrial-grade ladders that deliver impeccable strength, support, and safety.

Using an aluminum ladder is not only more affordable, but it also lasts a lot longer than other ladders. They are also lightweight and easier to transport, which is especially beneficial when moving them around the workplace. More importantly, Alaco’s aluminum ladders are also safe and secure, making them an ideal choice for anyone working near heights.

Our aluminum ladders are durable and can support up to 3x to 4x their weight capacity, making them perfect for those heavy-duty jobs. These ladders are also extremely easy to clean, which is a huge benefit for those that want to maintain their ladders in the best condition possible.

Why Choose Alaco’s Aluminum Ladders

Alaco Ladder’s aluminum ladders consist of aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum alloy that exceeds OSHA standard requirements for ladders. Our well-trained and experienced artisans build them to strictly follow various demands from engineers, contractors, and building planners.

We manufacture aluminum ladders for a wide range of applications and have a reputation for industrial-grade ladders and outstanding service after more than 100 years in business. Additionally, Alaco Ladder provides unrivaled service by employing factory-trained personnel who can meet client needs and preferences. We also offer value-added services such as consultations, custom drawings, and specification guides to ensure customer satisfaction and safe and efficient installations.

Heavy-Duty Aluminum Ladders for Sale

In every installation, our ladders must outperform. We have built our reputation on the durability and dependability of our products. For example, the designs of our heavy-duty aluminum extension ladders are ideal for dependability and long service life. We use key components: aircraft-grade aluminum in the design of these ladders; solid rivets that can withstand 1,250 pounds of shear strength; tough and unturnable grand spikes; reliable nickel-alloy bolts and bushings; and a tension latch located within the rails to ensure it does not impede with the user’s feet.

Beyond extension ladders, we offer various heavy-duty aluminum products with maximum load bearing and safety features. Our stockroom ladder, for example, provides retail establishments with an efficient model designed to keep their users safe. It has a stable foundation based on its thick non-marking feet, deeply ridged steps, a strong and safe platform, a pivot design that prevents injuries, and strong casters for easy but secure operation.

Whatever you are looking for in aluminum ladders for sale, we guarantee that Alaco Ladder can assist you in reaching your objectives. Please feel free to browse our website or contact us.

Aluminum Ladders: Which are the best to buy?

Aluminum Ladders: A Buying Guide

Since ladders are handy yet dangerous tools in homes and workplaces, it is vital to have the right kind of ladder for the job. You can choose from steel, wooden, and aluminum ladders. Each has its benefits and drawbacks, so how do you know which is the best ladder to buy?

If you want to save space, aluminum ladders are the right choice. But steel ladders are better if you want to save money. Meanwhile, wooden ladders might be more suitable if you have a lot of space and do not mind the extra weight. However, if you want durable, reliable, and affordable ones, go for Alaco’s aluminum ladders.

Why Choose Alaco’s Aluminum Ladders?

Aluminum LadderAluminum ladders are excellent for several reasons. They are easy to carry, making them suitable for carrying around your workplace or home. They are also much safer to climb.

Moreover, aluminum is a lightweight metal that is relatively easy to construct. It also has a low risk of corrosion, making it a suitable material for outdoor use. Aluminum ladders are durable and can hold more weight than steel and wooden ladders.

Alaco offers high-quality and long-lasting aluminum ladders for various settings. With decades of experience in the business, we built a name known for industrial-grade ladders that deliver impeccable strength, support, and safety.

Our aluminum ladders use aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum alloy that exceeds ANSI and OSHA standard requirements for ladders. Well-trained and experienced artisans build them to strictly follow various demands from engineers, contractors, and building planners.

Aluminum Exterior Ladders

Alaco’s exterior ladders meet busy professionals’ needs within indoor and outdoor settings. Our lineup of exterior ladders includes aluminum ships ladders, extension ladders, and exterior roof access ladders, among others.

With an array of aluminum exterior ladders, Alaco features permanent access points for roofs under 20 feet high. These ladders include models with only handrails, while others include return components built into the top. Architects and engineers needing help with odd structures can rely on us to build custom-made ladders for a seamless fit and optimal operational safety. With a standard mill finish, our units complement various installation structures.

Aluminum Ship Ladders

Alaco’s aluminum ships ladders enjoy a sterling reputation because they are durable, reliable, and safe. Our clients never have to worry about repainting because these ship ladders are maintenance-free due to their heavy-duty components and strong finishes.

Whatever your ladder needs, we guarantee that Alaco Ladder can help you achieve your desired goals. Feel free to explore our website or contact us if you have any queries or if you want to request a quote.

Ship Ladder OSHA Requirements – Alaco Ladder Company

Alaco Ladders: The Best Heavy-Duty Aluminum Ship Ladder Units in The U.S.

Fixed Access Aluminum LadderEmployers must keep their workers safe and protect the public by following OSHA compliance. Ladders are an integral part of many construction sites, so employers and operators should be knowledgeable of ship ladder safety and ship ladder OSHA requirements.

Unfortunately, 20% of all fall injuries in all occupations include a ladder, according to the CDC. The dangers of ladder accidents are even more obvious among construction workers, particularly roofing, framing, siding, and painting contractors. An estimated 81% of fall injuries treated in emergency rooms across the country include a ladder.

Construction has the greatest ladder fall injuries of all industries. One of the most reported OSHA infractions is falling from great heights, including ladder safety violations. Compliance with OSHA guidelines would have prevented most of these events.

If OSHA covers your company and provides ladders for your employees, you must follow ladder training and safety guidelines. The good news is that these safety guidelines and procedures assist you in protecting workers and avoiding costly injuries.

Moreover, it is crucial to have a heavy-duty aluminum ship ladder that is compliant with OSHA standards to keep your employees safe. Examine the OSHA ladder guidelines to ensure that you and your staff take the appropriate precautions to avoid disasters.

Alaco Ladder Manufactures the Best Aluminum Ship Ladders in the U.S.

The best ladders in the U.S. are OSHA-compliant ladders because manufacturers like Alaco Ladder design these handy tools with ship ladder safety in mind. The best ladders are strong, stable, and durable. Here are more reasons why Alaco’s heavy-duty ship ladder units are the best in the United States:

All units from Alaco Ladder strictly follow the ship ladder OSHA requirements, including the following:


According to standard number 1910.25(b), all staircases must have handrails and guardrails. So, if the employer claims it is impossible to set up rails on their ladder, they must suggest an alternative fall protection system to maintain ship ladder safety.

Additionally, ladders should have overhead obstructions with a minimum vertical clearance of 6’8″; uniform riser heights and tread depths; side landings that are at least 30″ wide; and a stair capacity of at least 1000 lb.

In line with this section, Alaco’s heavy-duty ship ladders consist of aluminum alloy, so you can rest assured that they follow these requirements.


OSHA ladder standards require a minimum headroom of 6’6″, a clear width of 26″, and a tread depth of 7.5″, which all our units follow.


This section emphasizes that workers must install the ladders 50° to 70° from the horizontal surface and leave open rises with a minimum vertical rise of 6.5″ to 12″. Fortunately, our ladders easily meet these requirements.

Exterior Aluminum Ladder Code – Alaco Ladder Company

Do You Need Exterior Aluminum Ladder? Get Yours from Alaco Ladder

Aluminum Exterior LadderYou can use OSHA-compliant exterior aluminum ladders in many different applications, primarily in construction projects. However, you can also use them in industrial settings like manufacturing, hospitality, and even the public sector. Several materials are available to make these tools, but the main advantage of aluminum ladders is that they are lightweight and easy to carry.

If you’re considering buying a heavy-duty exterior ladder, it is best to make sure it strictly follows the exterior ladder OSHA Code. Fortunately, here at Alaco, we design and build our products according to safety protocols and meet busy professionals’ needs in indoor and outdoor settings.

Alaco Ladder can provide you permanent access points for roofs under 20 feet high with an exterior aluminum ladder. Some of these ladders have only handrails, while others have return structures built into the top to suit various client preferences. Meanwhile, architects and engineers working with unusual wall surfaces or structures can also rely on Alaco to create custom ladder brackets for a perfect fit and maximum operational safety.

The ladders, which have a standard mill finish, complement various installation structures such as towers, chimneys, and industrial buildings. We also build custom cages and platforms for exterior installations.

At Alaco, we design our cages for ladders taller than 20 feet and feature quarter-inch by two-inch hoops attached to sturdy vertical bars. Each one consists of the same aluminum alloy as our ladders, ensuring it can withstand continuous use and will never fail under load. Additionally, our platforms for ladders taller than 30 feet provide users with a safe and convenient rest area while climbing. We enclose them with round railings bracketed to the ladders and built to the highest standards possible, which ensures support and safety.

Why Choose Alaco’s Exterior Aluminum Ladder?

Whenever you seek durability and quality in ladders, Alaco Ladders are the way to go. Our products’ strength and durability are why clients choose us. Because exterior ladders are exposed to the elements, finding a ladder that can withstand external challenges and conditions caused by changing seasons is critical.

If this is your first time encountering our excellent choice of ladders, you will appreciate that we designed our folding roof access ladder and exterior roof access ladder to withstand and overcome seasonal changes. Alaco ladders are made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy (6061-T6) and offer unparalleled strength and durability, allowing customers to use their ladders for many years.

More importantly, Alaco Ladder manufactures ladders following U.S. safety codes to ensure the user’s safety and welfare. We strictly follow guidelines and regulations provided by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the Department of Labor and safety standards recommended by the American National Standards Institute. In addition, Alaco Ladder stays current with the latest changes in these codes and standards to ensure that each ladder produced meets safety standards.