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The Top Benefits of Using a Ship Ladder for Mezzanine Access

Ladders come in different sizes, materials, designs, and features to ensure that users and buyers will find a unit that will be the perfect solution for accessing their specific space(s). But this doesn’t mean a specific design is only suitable for a specific space or usage. For instance, a ship ladder that was specifically designed for accessing the various spaces on a boat, like the mezzanine, will make for an ideal ladder for a mezzanine on a residential or commercial space as well.

Ship ladder for mezzanine floors

To a new buyer, a ship ladder may not seem an ideal fit for a residential or commercial space but for seasoned users and buyers like building contractors, specifications writers, architects, engineers, and even roofing contractors, using a ship ladder for mezzanine access makes perfect sense.

Here are the benefits and advantages of using a ship ladder for accessing mezzanine floors:


1. They are designed to withstand wet environments

On a ship, ladders are exposed to the elements and especially wet environments all day and all night, which is why ladder manufacturers ensure that their line of ship ladders can withstand long exposure to various weather and environmental conditions. With that said, a ship ladder for mezzanine access on a boat will also make for the perfect ladder for mezzanine access in a commercial or residential space.


2. They are equipped with OSHA-compliant safety features

Mezzanine floors are generally open spaces, and this usually means accessing them are either through a ladder or a staircase. Where staircases aren’t a viable solution for lack of space, a ship ladder will make for the best alternative. Most of the time, however, contractors, spec writers, architects, or engineers choose ship ladders for residential uses and commercial applications over staircases because they are more cost-effective and they are likewise more aesthetically pleasing, which means they can instantly enhance the interior style of the space.

OSHA standards dictate that ship ladders be installed with rails, open risers, treads, and steps that slope between 50 and 70-degree angles horizontally for the user’s safety.


3. Alaco Ladder’s ship ladders are customizable

Whether you’re a spec writer, contractor, or architect looking for a ship ladder for mezzanine access or ship ladders for residential uses and commercial applications, you will find that Alaco Ladder offers the best selection of ship ladders on the market today. Apart from being designed and manufactured with the best and sturdiest materials, and with the user’s comfort and safety in mind, Alaco Ladder also accommodates customization requests for safety features on mezzanine ladders for smaller or more confined spaces (where standard-size ladders may not fit). This sets Alaco apart from other ladder manufacturers and suppliers in the country.

Get in touch with Alaco Ladder today for the best selection of ship ladders for residential uses and commercial applications

What are the specific requirements for the ship ladder for mezzanine access that you had in mind? Or do you have other ladder requirements you need to fulfill? We offer heavy-duty aluminum ladders, crossover ladders or platforms, and more. Please let us know, so we can discuss your access solutions in detail. Please fill out the Contact Form here to leave us a message. You may also reach Alaco Ladder at (888) 310-7040.


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