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Why OSHA Rated Aluminum Ladders are Crucial for Workplace Safety

Workplace safety should be the top priority of employers. A safe working environment boosts employee morale and improves productivity, among other things. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA was created to develop and implement safety standards and protocols in the workplace. From equipment, like OSHA rated aluminum ladders, to processes and practices, these standards were put in place primarily to protect workers, particularly those in work environments that expose them to such risks as slip and fall accidents, and hazardous chemicals, to name a few.

OSHA rated heavy duty aluminum ladder

Professionals in the construction industry, real estate development, and other similar fields know that the working environment, equipment, tools, and materials that will be used for their projects should always meet OSHA standards because if they are found to be in violation of workplace safety standards, their project could be jeopardized, or worse, their professional licenses revoked.

It is for this reason that architects, engineers, building contractors, specifications writers, and roofing contractors must ensure that if they are to use aluminum ladders for their project, these should be OSHA rated aluminum ladders regardless of whether these are exterior roof access ladders, mezzanine ladders, or crossover ladders or platforms.

Your supplier and/or manufacturer plays an important role in your OSHA compliancy as well. How so?

When choosing a ladder manufacturer or supplier, it’s important to take the time to talk to them about their specific processes and practices, materials, and such with regard to product design, development, and manufacturing. Doing so can ensure that the ladders for your project won’t be found in violation of any applicable OSHA regulations. Additionally, OSHA compliancy also covers proper installation and usage of the ladders. In a nutshell, a ladder that was not properly installed and has missing or corroded parts exposes your workers and general users to accidents and injuries.

As a contractor, architect, or engineer, it is also your duty to inform all workers and laborers about the proper usage of every equipment and machinery you have on standby for the project. If a worker gets injured from a corroded ladder, for instance, and you didn’t inform them that OSHA prohibits the use of a ladder in such a state, you could be held liable for the injury or accident even if the ladder was obviously damaged and common sense says not to use it.

OSHA rated aluminum ladders are crucial for workplace safety for the following reasons:

  • Reduces the risk of slip and fall accidents
  • Protects employers from liability
  • Ensures projects won’t be delayed due to safety violations
  • Boosts employee morale

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