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OSHA-Compliant Ship Hatch Ladders at Alaco Ladder

Ship Ladder Design SchematicsLadders for ship hatches make it easy to maneuver tight, narrow cabin areas. Most ships have limited free space. A large staircase would be an inconvenience, plus it will add unnecessary load on the watercraft—which you could use for cargo instead.

If you need a compact yet durable ship hatch ladder for your watercraft, contact us at Alaco Ladder. Our company boasts more than 100 years of industry experience. We have been manufacturing ladders for ship hatches, mezzanines, and warehouses since the early 1900s. You can rest assured that we have the skills and technology to give you the best ship hatch ladders available.

The Purpose of a Ship Hatch Ladder

Ship hatch ladders look like a cross between stairs and ladders. They are sturdier than movable ladders, so you can safely climb up and down ship hatches. However, they consume less space than standard staircases. You can install them in tight, narrow areas like storage rooms, cabins, and engine bays.

Note that OSHA only allows ladders for ship hatches in spaces that cannot accommodate regular staircases, like mezzanines and lofts. But these structures must be at most 200 square feet. Ship hatch ladders have neither the size nor weight capacity to maintain the structural integrity of a sizable platform.

Also, the egress must lead to elevated control rooms or unoccupied roofs. You cannot use ladders for ship hatches to exit platforms containing living, cooking, office, assembly, or bathing spaces.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Ladders for Ship Hatches

Please do not blindly opt for the cheapest ship hatch ladder you find. Since you will use these structures to enter and exit hazardous platforms, mezzanines, and elevated maintenance rooms, you should prioritize quality. To ensure that you get the best option, consider these factors when buying ladders for ship hatches:

  • OSHA Standards: OSHA sets strict guidelines regarding the structure of a ship hatch ladder. It must slope 50 to 70 degrees horizontally, have an 18-inch width, and carry at least five times its anticipated live load.
  • Functionality: Do not just use generic ladders for ship hatches. Instead, work with manufacturers who can customize your order based on your ship’s dimensions.
  • Cost Efficiency: Avoid cheap, low-quality ladders for ship hatches. Invest in units requiring minimal to no repairs and maintenance so you can use them nonstop without worrying about damages.
  • Reliability: Choose a manufacturer specifically known for manufacturing ship hatch ladders, like us at Alaco Ladder. We have been in business for 100+ years.

Get Quality, OSHA-Compliant Ship Hatch Ladders

For quality, reliable ladders for ship hatches, turn straight to us at Alaco Ladder. Choose from our diverse range of OSHA-compliant ship hatch ladders models. Whether you need a compact ladder for narrow cabins or a heavy-duty staircase with a high weight capacity, we got you covered. You could even send in customization requests.

Leave a message through our online contact form to learn more about our ladders for ship hatches. Feel free to ask us anything. Our personable staff will help you decide on a suitable ship hatch ladder, walk you through the manufacturing process, then provide you with an accurate sample estimate.

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