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Mezzanine Ladder Safety Features: General Information on Mezzanine Safety

A mezzanine is generally an elevated open space built or installed between the ground floor and the first floor, or between the main floor and the floor above it. It can be found in residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. Being an open space, mezzanine ladder safety features as well as other safety precautions must be thoroughly examined by the building owner or authorized personnel prior to allowing access to the mezzanine.

What are mezzanines used for?

Whether in a residential, commercial, or industrial space, a mezzanine is generally built or installed where additional space is required. It is usually used as a storage space, an office, or a viewing platform typically in industrial set-ups where general supervision is required. It could be a permanent fixture or a temporary installation.

As mentioned above, a mezzanine is an open space, which is why safety measures must be in place to reduce the risk of fall accidents.

How are mezzanines accessed?

Contractors, engineers, specifiers or specifications writers, architects, and other professionals working in building construction are the usual people that need to decide whether or not a mezzanine will be part of the design, and if so, what type of access ladder will be used.

One of the challenges of having a mezzanine is providing a safe access to the space for all users. A ladder or a staircase is usually the means provided to access this elevated space. With a mezzanine ladder, the challenge is choosing the right one, based on usage and environment.

Should the ladder be a fixed installation? Should it be a temporary or portable ladder? And with each choice, what occupational safety standards must be met as dictated by the OSHA? What safety features must be installed?

Alaco Ladder Mezzanine Access Ladders

Mezzanine Ladder SafetyAlaco Ladder is the premier provider of top-quality access ladders for various applications, including roofing applications, commercial and industrial applications, and more. Each one is designed and manufactured according to safety standards regulated by the OSHA. Alaco’s aluminum mezzanine access ladders are the preferred choice of clients as these are made from heavy-duty aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, designed with functionality and durability in mind.

Alaco’s mezzanine ladder safety features include solid rivets that can each withstand up to 12,500 pounds of sheer strength, tough grand spikes, nickel alloy bushings and bolts, and applicable tension latches.

For portable, folding wall ladders, a few mezzanine ladder safety features to take note of are special mounting brackets that can help you save space when the ladder isn’t being used, and solid, no-scuff feet to give you that steady, superior grip, which greatly helps you maintain your balance.

Alaco Ladder understands the risks involved in accessing mezzanines using a portable, folding wall ladder, which is why they make sure to strictly follow OSHA standards regarding this particular product design.

Common businesses that require mezzanine ladders

Any building or structure that has a mezzanine will require a tool or accessory that will allow for a safe access to the space. Mezzanine ladders immediately come to mind for building contractors, architects, engineers, and spec writers because these aren’t only practical, they add to the appeal of the space as well, complementing the interiors of the floor.

Businesses that usually require a mezzanine ladder are those in the consumer goods field, where products are stored inside warehouses and stock rooms with mezzanine areas for additional storage space.

Apart from mezzanine ladders, general contractors, roofing companies, architects, spec writers, and engineers, among others, rely on Alaco Ladder Company for their access ladder requirements for various projects and applications.

To learn more about the specs of our mezzanine ladders, kindly click here.

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