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Loft Ladder Safety Features Keep Kids Safe

Residential homes, commercial establishments, and industrial buildings with lofts require a sturdy and steady means of access. Residential homes with lofts, in particular, need to provide a safe means of access if there are children living at home. Contractors, architects, interior designers, home and building owners and such, should therefore be meticulous about loft ladder safety features as well as the general safety of the loft space.

Accessing loft spaces

First off, lofts serve different purposes, depending on the preference of the owner and/or design of the space. Lofts are those spaces that are closest to the ceiling. Some use it for storage, which means the loft serves as their storage attic. Others use it as an open study space, a small library, recreational space, and so on. With that said, ladders or other means of access are designed, built, or installed based on the purpose of the space as well as the people who will mostly be accessing it.

Loft spaces with kids

Of the various safety considerations that contractors, safety engineers, specifications writers, interior designers, architects and other building professionals take into account, the presence of kids is perhaps one of the most important as their precocious and curious nature put them at greater risk for slip and fall accidents.

Alaco Ladder Loft Ladders

Loft LadderAlaco Ladder’s premier line of high-quality ladders make it easy for professionals to find the right ladder for their project. Whether you’re an interior designer, general contractor, roofing contractor, architect, spec writer, or home or building owner, you will definitely find a loft ladder that perfectly fits your specifications and requirements. And with every design and model, Alaco makes sure to equip the unit with OSHA-compliant features that ensure the safety of users of all ages.

Alaco’s loft access ladders come in two different materials: wood and aluminum; and both are manufactured and installed with safety features.

For instance, loft ladder safety features of their wood variety include steel rods and plated steel braces that provide not only maximum comfort but more importantly, maximum strength. In addition, a blind mounted grab bar is included on the top rung to keep the user steady as they mount or dismount the ladder.

Wood loft ladder safety features likewise include a reinforced and oversized bottom step, which helps the user stay balanced as they start to climb up the ladder or step down from it.

For the reader’s reference, Alaco’s wood loft ladders are made from the finest natural hardwoods available today: alder, birch, mahogany, oak, and walnut, among others. If you have a different type of wood in mind, you’d be glad to know Alaco accepts special requests as well. Keep in mind, however, that not all types of woods are ideal for a loft ladder, so if they feel it won’t be sturdy and stable enough to keep users safe, especially kids, they may recommend a better alternative.

Alaco’s team works tirelessly with roofing companies, building contractors, general contractors, architects, engineers, and specifications writers or specifiers, to name a few, to ensure that the ladder is the right type and model for lofts or other specified applications, equipped with the necessary safety features to keep all users safe. Alaco likewise ensures that ladders are installed properly to prevent slip and fall accidents due to improper installation.

Alaco Ladder Company loft ladders and more

Apart from loft ladders, Alaco Ladder is also the go-to manufacturer and provider of high-quality aluminum ladders, exterior roof ladders, roof hatch access, library ladders, mezzanine ladders, and more.

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