Key Differences Between Heavy Duty and Standard Ladders

Key Differences Between Heavy Duty and Standard Ladders

Within the heavy-duty ladder space, there’s a wide variety of products and manufacturers. Some ladder companies offer ladders they tout as “professional grade” or “heavy duty” but the product’s construction does not match the marketing claims.

Alaco Ladder Company stands out because our heavy-duty ladders are built for intensive usage and conditions. Crafted with aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum, our ladders perform in a number of high-use environments. For example, our stockroom ladder features a stable base with deep steps, a pivoting design to reduce hand injuries, and bulletproof construction that supports heavy loads for years of operational usage. Our ladders feel sturdier because every bolt and section is inspected and tested, and we never cut any corners.

What are the key differences between Alaco Ladder Company’s heavy-duty ladders and standard ladders?

  • Our reputation rests on the strength and reliability of our products. We build ladders for engineers, contractors, builders, and business owners that insist on safety and function. These professionals use their ladders every day in challenging conditions, and need assurances they’ll perform in any situation.
  • Industry-leading aluminum ladder components that include solid rivets that won’t shear, fail-proof bolts and bushings, stable ground spikes, and for extension ladders, an innovative tension latch that’s built into the rails so it does not impact the user’s foot placement.
  • We develop ladders that exceed safety regulation standards with maximum load bearing numbers.
  • Our ladders perform the same on day one as day 2,000, giving our clients reliable tools to get their jobs done safely and effectively.
  • We use aircraft-quality aluminum for many of our heavy-duty ladders due to the materials incredible weight-to-strength ratio. Some companies offer steel heavy duty ladders which are much heavier and can pose a safety hazard when a single operator attempts to move the ladder within a space.

Heavy duty ladders don’t just mean they can carry extra pounds. True heavy duty products, such as those built by Alaco Ladder Company, feature an array of safety enhancements and construction elements. They’re built to exacting specifications, with no skimping on components or materials that might create a “weak link” in the ladder’s operation.

If you’re a contractor, architect, store owner, city planner, government agency worker, builder, or work in construction, then you need heavy duty ladders from Alaco Ladder Company. Check out our comprehensive Aluminum Ladder resource page to learn more about our products that offer repeatable performance, high load capacity, and adhere to the most stringent safety requirements. Our customer service team are factory trained and can help answer any questions, and can provide design assistance and troubleshooting. We also offer enhanced services such as shop drawings and expert consultations to make sure you choose the right Alaco Ladder Company ladders to fit your needs and space.

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