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Aluminum Ladder Safety Features: Usage, Applications, and More

Aluminum ladders are the top choice of engineers, contractors, architects, specifications writers, roofing contractors, and professionals in commercial and industrial fields because they’re sturdy yet lightweight, and they can last for many years. Understandably, they are meticulous about the ladders they choose because the safety of their users is at stake. Checking for specific aluminum ladder safety features has therefore become an essential part of the buying process.

Safety standards

Aluminum LadderThe Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) oversees safety features of equipment used in commercial and industrial environments, including all types of ladders. With that said, the first thing that ladder manufacturers make sure to strictly follow are the safety standards set by the OSHA. Standard aluminum ladder safety features like guardrails and handrails as well as usage and installation procedures must be strictly adhered to by manufacturers in order to protect the safety of users.

The OSHA likewise developed safety regulations for the proper use of aluminum ladders, both on the side of the roofing contractors, general contractors or other professionals installing the ladders and the users or general public. Additionally, there are general ladder usage safety regulations as well.

For instance, there is a specific OSHA standard [number 1926.1053(b)(17)] that reminds the public not to use fixed ladders, aluminum or otherwise, that are visibly damaged or broken. Should they accidentally slip or fall because of negligence (failing to follow OSHA safety standards), the manufacturer will not be held liable. Visible signs of damage include missing steps, split rails, and corroded parts.


Ladder safety likewise dictates that these be used for the specific application(s) for which they were designed. For instance, there are ladders designed for outdoor or exterior installation such as those for roofing applications and there are also those specifically designed for indoor use like loft ladders.

Ladder applications, whether for outdoor or indoor use, are generally grouped into three categories: residential, commercial, and industrial. Buyers therefore, particularly those looking for aluminum ladders for commercial and/or industrial applications, must check for aluminum ladder safety features specific to their use applications. Such details are particularly important for specifications writers drawing up a project plan for building construction as well as roofing contractors, engineers, architects, industrial plant supervisors looking for crossover ladders, and general contractors.

Further, buyers won’t have a difficult time finding the right ladder for the application they have in mind because these specially designed ladders are usually labeled according to their use: mezzanine ladders, loft ladders, exterior roof ladders, and ship ladders, to name a few.

Alaco Ladder aluminum ladder safety features

Alaco Ladder’s commitment to providing quality ladders to customers focuses on three factors: design accuracy, safety, and durability. To give the reader an example, Alaco uses only strong aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, that exceeds OSHA standards, for their aluminum ladder product line.

Additionally, to maintain safety, Alaco’s aluminum ladder safety features also include the following: solid rivets that can withstand 1,250 pounds of load, tough grand spikes that won’t turn, bolts and bushings made from nickel alloy, and a tension latch within the ladder’s rails.

As you can see, Alaco takes the user’s safety seriously. Their goal is to provide top-quality ladders that will provide many years of service to owners and users alike.

Ladder specifications

General contractors, engineers, roofing contractors, industrial plant managers and supervisors, commercial building administrators and managers, and other professionals trust Alaco Ladder Company for all their ladder needs. Alaco has been a trusted brand since the 1970’s, manufacturing a wide range of top-quality ladders including roof access ladders, loft ladders, crossover ladders, library ladders, exterior ladders, and more.

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