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OSHA-Compliant Ship Ladders

OSHA Compliant Ship Ladder SpecsWhen shopping for aluminum ship ladders, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) imposes several safety and structural guidelines. Overlooking them could get you in trouble with health and safety inspectors. Contrary to popular belief, you cannot just install cheap, random ladders on business premises, especially if you manage several workers regularly. You need OSHA-compliant ship ladders.

OSHA generally defines ship ladders by their measurements. Under standard number 1910.21(b), ship stairs or ladders have open risers, rails, and treads that horizontally slope between 50° to 70°. Note that they don’t fall under standard stairs.

Alaco Aluminum Ships Ladders have a reputation of being among the sturdiest in the industry. Using only high-quality, high-strength 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum alloy, our OSHA-compliant exterior ladders and OSHA-compliant roof access ladders are manufactured for extra safety and longer life, while meeting strict industry standards.

Virtually maintenance-free, our aluminum OSHA-compliant ship ladders never need painting and offer superior scratch resistance to ladders constructed of lower-grade alloy or steel. Additionally, every ladder is designed to fit specific conditions, (using standardized components) for flexibility and efficiency. Our OSHA-compliant exterior ladders and OSHA-compliant roof access ladders are designed for a fixed, permanent installation utilizing Alaco heavy-duty aluminum brackets.


Standard 1910.25(b)(1) requires OSHA-compliant ship ladders to have railings on each side. Handrails and guardrails will make climbing steep treads much easier, especially for your less mobile, flexible workers. OSHA rarely allows the lack of rails. If you demonstrate that attaching handrails only compromises your workspace further, you must propose an alternative fall protection system.

1910.25(b)(3) and (4)

We ensure that our OSHA-compliant exterior ladders and OSHA-compliant roof access ladders have uniform tread depths and riser heights. Unusually shaped or placed steps can cause accidents, especially in hectic spaces where workers move quickly.

Also, all platforms and landings equal the width of the stair. If you need to place them beside an entryway, we can adjust the platform so that an open door compromises less than 20″.


Aluminum ship ladder models have varying load limits. However, OSHA requires that each step should have the capacity to support at least a concentrated load of 1,000 lbs. or five times its intended load, whichever is smaller. For instance, let’s say your aluminum ship ladder has a manufacturer-rated capacity of 500 lbs. It should withstand loads lighter than 1,500 lbs.

Fortunately, our OSHA-compliant exterior ladders and OSHA-compliant roof access ladders consist of heavy-duty, aircraft-grade alloy capable of withstanding more than the minimum weight limit. They won’t buckle even if a hefty adult male carrying several tools climbs them.

1910.25(c)(2), (3), and (4)

Our OSHA-compliant ship ladders meet all the minimum height and width requirements and then some. They have a minimum tread depth and width of 9.5″ and 22″, respectively, while the riser height also caps at 9.5″.

1910.25(d)(1), (2), (3), and (4)

As for spiral stairs, the maximum riser height stops at 9.5″ as well. However, the minimum clear width, headroom clearance, and tread depth measurements are 26″, 6’ 6″, and 7.5″, accordingly.

Using Aluminum Ship Ladders and Stairs

You can’t use aluminum ship ladder models in a typical office setting, but they’re a popular choice in industrial work environments. Our units consume less space, accommodate 1,000+ pounds, and require minimal maintenance. You can use our OSHA-compliant exterior ladders and OSHA-compliant roof access ladders for roof hatch and mezzanine access.

However, OSHA advises employers to use ship stairs sparingly. Although they’re efficient and convenient, their steeper treads make them slightly more dangerous to use. Mobility-impaired users can’t maneuver these steps. Standard number 1910.25(b)(8) even dictates that employers must first prove the impracticality of standard stairs before installing ship ladders.

Get Quality, Top-Grade OSHA-Compliant Ship Ladders

Invest in top-grade aluminum ship ladders. Your workers will regularly use them while carrying heavy items, so it’s imperative to have a heavy-duty unit. If you continue using a non-compliant unit, not only will you end up wasting money, but you’ll also endanger your staff.

Contact us at Alaco Ladder Company for more information on our available OSHA-compliant ship ladders. We have dozens of roof hatch and mezzanine access stairs. Just call (888) 310-7040, and our personable sales team will explain your options.

Aluminum Ladder for Professionals – Alaco Ladder Company

Alaco Ladder Aluminum Ladder for Professionals

Whether you’re a building engineer, a construction contractor, or someone involved in the design and/or construction of commercial structures, Alaco Ladder offers a variety of aluminum ladders for professionals. So, if you’re looking for a professional-grade aluminum ladder, you can rest assured that Alaco Ladder Company has got you covered.

Aluminum ladders for professional applications

Where do you need your aluminum ladder installed? Alaco Ladder manufactures a wide variety of aluminum ladders for professional applications. Each one comes in a specific size and design, which makes it easier for you to find one that fits your requirements.

Below are some of the professional-grade aluminum ladder options you can choose from at Alaco Ladder:

Mezzanine Access Ladders

Mezzanine Access Ladder SpecsMezzanine access ladders come in folding type and standard designs.

Folding type mezzanine access aluminum ladder for professionals, in turn, come in different sizes and designs. But basically, what you will get from a folding mezzanine ladder is an aluminum ladder that is extendible and then can be folded away when not in use. Alaco’s folding mezzanine ladders are available standard with extended handrail configurations as well as non-marking, solid rubber feet to keep the ladder secure and in place when extended.

A standard design mezzanine ladder, on the other hand, come with heavy-duty aluminum top and bottom brackets for a fixed or permanent installation.

Roof Hatch Access Ladders

Alaco Ladder’s roof hatch access ladders are generally used on ships. These come in various specifications as well, to enable professionals to choose one that is the most ideal for the application they had in mind. Roof hatch access ladders are designed for smaller or more limited spaces, which makes them the perfect fit for ships.

These aluminum ladders are practically maintenance-free, and they’re scratch-resistant as well.

Ships ladders also include mezzanine ladders.

Cages and Platform

For building and construction professionals looking for cages or platform, Alaco Ladder offers fixed walls ladders, which are designed for permanent access to roof hatches. If your choice of ladder is more than 30’or 9.2 meters, you should know that rest platforms will be required. For safety and security, you may also want to consider security doors.

Exterior Roof Access Ladders

Exterior Roof Access Ladder SpecsFor those looking for professional grade aluminum ladder for exterior roof access, Alaco’s options are the following:

  • Handrails over roof
  • Elevator pit access
  • Side exit
  • Roof return
  • Parapet return
  • Parapet return with crossover platform

For exterior roof access, the ladders available are generally fixed wall ladders that provide permanent roof access. If you’re looking for access ladders for chimneys, vats, water treatment plants, tanks, refineries, or antennas, Alaco Ladder’s fixed wall exterior ladders are recommended.

Extension Ladder

Aluminum extension ladders come in various side rail designs, including C-Shaped and U-2 Channel Side Rail designs.

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Aluminum Ladder – Made in the USA – Alaco Ladder Company

U.S.-made Aluminum Ladder for Professional Applications

Aluminum ladders are ideal, and actually the preferred choice of building contractors, for a variety of professional applications because they are lightweight, sturdy, and durable. Whether for exterior or interior use, an aluminum ladder makes the perfect access ladder for commercial and industrial applications.

Made in the USA aluminum ladders for contractors

Aluminum Ladder made in the USABuilding contractors need to make sure that the structure they are constructing is safe and sturdy, to ultimately ensure the safety of tenants, residents, or owners when the times comes for it to be occupied. Safety measures not only cover the structure itself but everything that comes with it, from elevators to stairwells, passageways, and access ladders.

It is precisely for this reason that made in the USA aluminum ladders for contractors such as those designed and manufactured by Alaco Ladder are the ladders of choice for contractors as well as architects, engineers, project managers, and everyone else involved in the design and construction of buildings and commercial structures.

Where do contractors and architects use aluminum ladders?

First off, an aluminum ladder is the ladder of choice in commercial and industrial applications because unlike other ladder materials that is prone to rusting or corrosion, an aluminum ladder is designed to withstand the harsh effects of the elements. What this means is if the architect decides to install an aluminum ladder for exterior roof access, even if it rains or snows, you won’t have to worry about it rusting or corroding. In fact, you can leave it outdoors for years and it won’t show signs of wear and tear, or in this case, weather abuse, so to speak.

Because of this characteristic aluminum ladders, for contractors, engineers, architects, and other professionals, are the best option for exterior applications. From roof access to elevator pit access, extension ladders, and more, aluminum ladders will give you years of good use, perhaps even a lifetime, if used properly.

Other uses for aluminum ladders include access needs on a ship such as roof hatch access and mezzanine access ship ladder, as well as loft access. These ladders are generally fixed and immovable.

If you have specific needs, Alaco Ladder can customize their aluminum ladder to fit your requirements.

Why professionals choose Alaco

Alaco Ladders are made in the USA, ensuring they pass (and even exceed) Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards. Both are regulating bodies that oversee workers’ and equipment safety in the U.S.

Alaco Ladder aluminum ladders are also manufactured using high-strength 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum alloy, which means they are made from industrial-strength alloy that can withstand harsh environments.

Note: Sturdy and lightweight, aluminum-made ladders by Alaco Ladder are for professional use only, and for professional applications. Contact us to learn more about our products.

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OSHA-rated Aluminum Ladder | Alaco Ladder

For Contractors, OSHA-rated Heavy-duty Aluminum Ladder Products Are A Must

Aluminum ladders come in all shapes and sizes, from standard units used around the house to professional-grade, heavy-duty aluminum ladder units. But no matter the size and form they take, it’s a good idea for contractors to choose OSHA-rated aluminum ladders and check the product’s duty rating before purchasing one.

The duty rating specifies the maximum amount of weight that a ladder can safely carry. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) lists these five categories:

  • Type III – These are ladders with a maximum weight capacity of 200 lbs. Type III ladders are typically the basic units used around the house. They are best for jobs that do not require the user to carry anything up and down the ladder.
  • Type II – Also known as medium-duty ladders, these are also appropriate for home use such as when hanging Christmas lights. Tradesmen and farmers can also use these ladders for basic jobs. Medium-duty ladders can carry up to 225 lbs.
  • Type I – These ladders can carry up to 250 lbs. Also called heavy-duty ladders, these are often used in commercial applications or for any user looking to carry lightweight items up and down the ladder. These ladders come in multiple forms, including multi-purpose ladders, stepladders, and some attic ladders.
  • Type IA – These ladders have a maximum capacity of 300 lbs. These are usually meant for industrial use. Ladders with this type of rating allow the user to carry heavy items up and down the ladder. If you are an architect, contractor, or working in construction, a heavy-duty aluminum ladder with this ANSI rating is the one you’ll likely choose.
  • Type IAA – These are ladders for special duty or high-impact industrial or professional use wherein the user is looking to carry extremely heavy items up and down the ladder. These can accommodate up to 375 lbs.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), falls from portable ladders such as straight, combination, and extension ladders are one of the leading causes of workplace-related injuries and fatalities. As such, architects and contractors who want to ensure the utmost safety when designing and building commercial buildings should always choose OSHA-approved heavy-duty aluminum ladder products with the appropriate duty rating.

Ladder-related accidents usually end in falls and painful injuries. Never assume that the length of the ladder or some other characteristic corresponds with the ladder’s duty rating. Also, don’t take a ladder’s recommended use at face value. While a Type I ladder is good for basic use, if the weight it regularly carries is beyond 250 lbs. the ladder could eventually break.

If you’re an architect or contractor, be sure to carefully consider the type of heavy-duty aluminum ladder you need, with safety and efficiency in mind. Remember, the more the ladder will support, the more expensive it will be, but it will also be safer. Also, take advantage of training courses that our aluminum ladder company provides.

Here at Alaco Ladder Company, we have the course Reaching the Roof: Specifying Fixed Access Aluminum Ladders for Safety and Efficiency. In this course, we discuss the different types of fixed access ladders, safety codes and standards, and the importance of having OSHA-certified heavy-duty, professionally-built aluminum ladders in commercial buildings. We also feature several case studies and examine ladder design, features, and materials required for safe fabrication and installation.

If you’re interested in our heavy-duty aluminum ladder products or want to learn more about our aluminum ladder company and the training courses we offer, feel free to browse our website or call us at (888) 310-7040 for questions and inquiries.

Fixed Aluminum Ladder | Alaco Ladder

Alaco Ladder Fixed Aluminum Ladder

Do you work in construction and need a fixed aluminum ladder for the structure you are building or working on? You can’t go wrong with Alaco Ladder’s top-quality aluminum ladders. Built to withstand the elements while offering superior strength and support to users, Alaco’s ladders, including fixed aluminum ladders, are among the most sought-after in the country, utilized for various applications across diverse industries.

Why choose Alaco Ladder fixed aluminum ladders

Alaco Ladders aluminum ladders are manufactured using strong, aircraft-grade aluminum alloy (6061-T6) that exceeds OSHA and ANSI standards. What this translates to is superior quality fixed aluminum ladder guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

Our ladders are built and designed for high-impact environments, giving you heavy-duty strength you won’t find anywhere else. In a nutshell, every fixed aluminum ladder we manufacture is:

  • Designed using aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Assembled using solid rivets that can withstand over 1,000 pounds of sheer strength
  • Assembled with nickel-alloy bolts and bushings that won’t fail

Alaco’s aluminum ladders reduce falling risks considerably. You also get value for your money as they are built to last for many years, or a lifetime.

Alaco Ladder specializes in exterior access aluminum ladders. These include the following:

  • Aluminum extension ladders
  • Ships ladders
  • Exterior roof access ladders,
  • And more

Each ladder-type likewise comes in various options and designs. For instance, exterior roof access ladders (which provide permanent access points for roofs under 20 feet in height) are available in handrail-only and return structures designs.

If you work with a structure or surface that does not fit into any standard specification, you’d be glad to know that we accept custom requests for ladder brackets.

Alaco Ladder fixed aluminum ladders come in a standard mill finish, making them an ideal option for vats, chimneys, towers, and refineries.

Alaco Ladder Going Beyond Ladder Manufacturing

Alaco’s goal is to provide superior quality ladders that provide ample weight and load support for all users to ensure their safety every time they use the ladder. And to help achieve this goal, Alaco has likewise made it their mission to train and educate contractors and other concerned personnel about ladder safety.

AEC Daily Ladder Safety Course Alaco offers a ladder efficiency and safety course for contractors, engineers, architects, and other building design and construction professionals. The course is online and self-paced, which makes it ideal for busy professionals.

Entitled “Reaching the Roof: Specifying Fixed Access Aluminum Ladders for Safety and Efficiency,” the course discusses proper ladder design and installation, various types of fixed access ladders, safety standards and codes that apply to each one, design materials, and more. The goal of this course is to ensure the welfare of all ladder users.

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Do you have questions about the course? Or do you wish to inquire about Alaco’s fixed aluminum ladder options? Please feel free to contact Alaco Ladder at (888) 310-7040 for questions and inquiries.