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Alaco Fixed Access Aluminum Ladders have a reputation of being among the sturdiest in the industry. Using only high-quality, high-strength 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum alloy, Alaco ladders are manufactured for extra safety and longer life, while meeting strict OSHA and ANSI requirements.

Virtually maintenance-free, aluminum access ladders never need painting and offer superior scratch resistance to ladders constructed of lower grade alloy or steel. Additionally, every ladder is designed to fit specific conditions, (using standardized components) for flexibility and efficiency.

90° Fixed Ladders

Since vertical climbing requires more effort from the upper body, Alaco 90° Fixed Ladders feature round rungs instead of flat rungs. Round rungs are superior because they provide a stronger, more comfortable grip as you pull yourself up. Round rungs also provide a more natural support for the feet, which pivot more when climbing straight up.

Rungs on Alaco ladders have a serrated surface for a no-slip grip and are secured to the side rails with cast aluminum connectors – using 4 solid aircraft rivets on each rung – for a permanent, no-twist installation.

Fixed Angle Ladders

Alaco Ships and Folding Ladders use flat steps of varying widths – each chosen for a specific angle. Flat steps offer the best support when climbing at an angle.

Fixed angle ladder steps have non-slip ridges on the top, and are permanently affixed to the side-rails using 8 solid rivets per step Flush or extended handrails are designed to fit users’ hands to provide a comfortable grip when steadying the body during climbing. Special heavy-duty mounting brackets further ensure a safe, secure and ergonomic ladder system.


  • Designed for maximum safety, comfort and support
  • Custom engineered with standard parts and components, to meet any condition, at the lowest cost.
  • Quick, responsive service from our staff of experts, for fast quotes and fast shipments.

Exterior Roof Access Ladders

Alaco Exterior Roof Access Ladders are designed for permanent outside access to rooftops that are less than 20 ft. high. Ladders are available in handrail-only configurations or with different types of return structures at the top. Custom-made ladder brackets are also available to fit unusual wall surfaces or configurations.

Alaco Exterior Roof Access Ladders feature a standard mill finish, and are also an excellent choice for chimneys, towers, vats, refineries and other industrial applications.

Roof Ladder Return Options:

  • Handrails over roof
  • Roof return structure
  • Parapet return structure
  • Parapet return structure and crossover platform

Click here to view the specs for Alaco Fixed Access Ladders via the Arcat SpecWizard.


561 Handrails Over Roof
561E Elevator Pit Access
561SE Side Exit
562 Roof Return
563 Parapet Return
564 Parapet Return with Crossover Platform

Cage & Platforms

Cages – Required for ladders over 20 feet tall. It’s the law
Alaco Cages for fixed access ladders offer added safety for climbs higher than 20 feet. Made of the same aircraft-grade aluminum alloy as the ladders themselves, cages use 1/4” x 2” hoops riveted to seven 3/16” x 1-1/2” vertical bars for optimal structural stability. All cages come in standard mill finish.

Platforms – Required for Ladders over 30 feet tall
Alaco Platforms for fixed access ladders – required at every 30 foot interval – give users a secure resting area when climbing very tall ladders. Special brackets ensure secure mounting of the platform, which is enclosed with round, serrated tube railings.

Rugged Grip Strut® floor grating allows for safer footing and is virtually self-cleaning. All platforms come in standard mill finish.


560-C Roof Hatch Access
560-CP Roof Hatch Access with Rest Platform
561-C Handrails Over Roof
561-CP Handrails Over Roof with Rest Platform
561SE-C Side Exit
561SE-CP Side Exit with Rest Platform
562-C Roof Return
562-CP Roof Return with Rest Platform
563-C Parapet Return
563-CP Parapet Return with Rest Platform
564-C Parapet Return
564-CP Parapet Return with Crossover and Rest Platforms

Roof Hatch Access

Alaco manufactures a full line of ladders for access to roof hatches. All ships ladders and folding ladders are available in custom angles.

Ships Ladders
Ships ladders are designed for a fixed, permanent installation utilizing Alaco heavy-duty aluminum brackets. Flush handrails are standard.

Folding Wall Ladders
Designed with special mounting brackets to save space when not in use, convenient folding wall ladders feature solid, no-scuff feet for a steady, superior grip. (Handrails are optional on model 460.)

Fixed Wall Ladders
For permanent access to roof hatches, include heavy duty mounting brackets. (See Cages and Platforms for ladders over 20 feet.)

Retractable Fixed Wall Ladders
A space-saving design for use in areas with tight access to roof hatches. Utilizes specialized mounting brackets that enable the ladder to retract flat against the wall. Non-marking rubber feet secure the bottom of the ladder, with protective rubber plugs on top.

Alaco Ladder Extension Safety Posts
Extension posts provide safer, easier access through roof access hatches. Extension posts mount permanently to the top two rungs of any Alaco 560 series fixed ladder and 775 series ships ladder – providing a positive hand-hold that enables users to enter or exit openings in an upright and balanced position.

Click here to view the specs for Alaco Fixed Access Ladders via the Arcat SpecWizard.


H60-60° Ships Ladder
H70-70° Ships Ladder
H75-75° Ships Ladder
H80-80° Ships Ladder
HP70-70° Folding Ladder
HP80-80° Folding Ladder
560 Fixed Wall Ladder
660 Retractable Ladder
H1000-75° Ships Ladder
H1000-70° Ships Ladder
H1000-65° Ships Ladder
H1000-60° Ships Ladder


Alaco manufactures a variety of ladders for easy access to mezzanines, equipment lofts and similar applications. Mezzanine Ladders are available at custom angles and come standard with extended handrails but can be ordered with flush handrails or without handrails. Mezzanine ladders come in standard mill finish.

Ships Ladders
Ships Ladders are designed for a fixed, permanent installation utilizing Alaco heavy-duty aluminum brackets.

Folding Wall Ladders
Designed with special mounting brackets to save space when not in use, convenient folding wall ladders feature solid, no-scuff feet for a steady, superior grip.

Click here to view the specs for Alaco Fixed Access Ladders via the Arcat SpecWizard.


M60-60° Ships Ladder
M70-70° Ships Ladder
M75-75° Ships Ladder
M80-80° Ships Ladder
MP60-60° Folding Ladder
MP70-70° Folding Ladder
MP75-75° Folding Ladder
MP80-80° Folding Ladder
M1000-75° Ships Ladder
M1000-70° Ships Ladder
M1000-65° Ships Ladder
M1000-60° Ships Ladder
X1000 Ships Ladder with Platform and Return

What They’re Saying…

Jamie Fischer

Alaco Ladders’ ease of installation, appearance and function lead to positive results for our closet customers, which in turn leads to more referrals for JL Closets. I have no hesitation recommending Alaco to anyone needing a ladder system because they offer a very solid product produced by a very professional company and staff.

Jamie FischerOwner, JL Closets
Todd Cline

I just received our Alaco Ladder and I must say it is beautiful – great craftsmanship and nice design. It was easy to setup and install. It adds the perfect aesthetic and functionality to the loft above the kitchen in my Florida Keys-style bungalow.

I enjoyed working with the Alaco Team. They made the purchasing process easy and informative so I was able to plan my ladder project to perfection.

Todd ClinePresident, GAI Exhibits
Tony Wilke

We have been ordering ladders from Alaco for over a decade. Alaco has the best variety of wood and stain options available to us that best coordinate with our full product line. We have been very pleased with their level of product quality, customer service, and consistent lead times.

Tony WilkeVP of Sales and Operations, Wine Cellar Innovations

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