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Roof Hatch Ladder Safety Features: Brackets, Rubber Feet, and More

A roof hatch is arguably one of the most high-risk access points installed on a building. These are usually included in the design of a multi-family building, a commercial building, or industrial structure where access to the roof is an essential part of building maintenance. Building codes dictate that roof hatch ladder safety features must be strictly followed if a ladder system will be the primary means used to provide access to the roof through the roof hatch.

Accessing the roof

In the past, roof access was generally through a fixed wall ladder installed on the exterior of the building. This was eventually considered too risky as the user will be exposed to prevailing weather conditions. Should the roof needed to be accessed during stormy weather, for instance, the user’s fall risk increases as the wind and/or rain causes them to become unstable on the ladder.

To minimize slip and fall risk, professionals in the construction industry designed the roof hatch. This offered a safer and more convenient way to get to the top of the roof without having to stay balanced on an exterior wall ladder.

Roof hatch access

There are generally two ways to get to the roof through the roof hatch: ladder and stair. The design of the building and the size of the roof hatch basically determine which of the two options is the better fit for your project.

Roof hatch access ladder

Manufacturers of ladders for roof hatches must comply with specific OSHA standards to protect the safety of users. The OSHA has specific standards for the design, installation, and usage of the ladder, which means users too must follow OSHA regulations regarding proper usage of the roof hatch ladder. Alaco Ladder’s line of roof hatch access ladders include the following: ship ladders, folding wall ladders, fixed wall ladders, and retractable fixed wall ladders.

Each of these is designed with the user’s safety in mind. And each design is compliant with OSHA regulations. Apart from these two important considerations, the size of the space is also taken into account. So for instance, if the roof hatch or access to it is located in a tight space, the retractable fixed wall ladder is the recommended model.

Roof hatch ladder safety features

Roof Hatch LadderDifferent manufacturers have different safety features for their product range, but as mentioned above, these should be in compliance with OSHA standards, as well as other applicable local codes. Safety features installed depend on the type of ladder.

Why roofing companies and contractors choose Alaco Ladder’s roof hatch access ladders

Alaco Ladder’s precision and attention to detail where safety is concerned is the primary reason why roofing companies and contractors, as well as building maintenance managers or supervisors, and even architects and specifications writers, choose Alaco’s roof hatch access ladders.

For instance, if you’re going to install Alaco’s fixed wall ladders, heavy duty mounting brackets will be used to keep the ladder steady. For a retractable fixed wall, specialized mounting brackets are used for two reasons: to keep the ladder steady and stable while in use, and make it easier for the ladder to retract flat against the wall.

Additional roof hatch ladder safety features include non-marking rubber feet to secure the bottom of the ladder, and extension safety posts mounted permanently on the top two rungs to enable the user to enter and exit the hatch opening in a balanced and standing position.

Alaco Ladder’s premier line of roof hatch access ladders

Alaco Ladder is the preferred manufacturer and provider of roof access ladders, chosen not only by roofing companies or roofing contractors but architects, engineers, safety personnel as well because they know that Alaco’s ladders are made from sturdy and durable materials, and are designed to provide safe access to roofs and other elevated spaces for workers and users alike.

For your reference, the following are some of the roof hatch ladders that Alaco offers:

  • Ships ladders
  • Folding wall ladders
  • Fixed wall ladders
  • Retractable fixed wall ladders

Folding wall ladders and retractable fixed wall ladders are ideal for roof hatches located in small spaces.

Do you wish to learn more about Alaco’s roof hatch ladder safety features? Please fill out the Contact Form here to leave us a message. You may also reach Alaco Ladder at (888) 310-7040.

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