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What Are the Best Aluminum Ladders for Architects?

Aluminum Ladders for ArchitectsWhen it comes to finding the best aluminum ladders for architects, it can take time to know where to start. You want to ensure that you get one that will last – a ladder that will provide you with a solution for any job. Here is where Alaco aluminum ladders stand out from the competition. With various awesome designs to choose from, you can find the ideal ladder for your job.

Alaco aluminum ladders have been a trusted name in the residential and commercial construction industry for decades. With a trusted company like ours, you can be sure that your project is in good hands. We offer all the benefits of aluminum ladders for architects with better durability and safety.

Here, we look at why Alaco aluminum ladders are an architect’s first choice regarding reliability, safety, and durability, especially when designing buildings that need aluminum ladders incorporated into their designs.

The Best Aluminum Ladders for Architects

Choose Alaco Ladders when durability and quality are important for your professional jobs. We provide industry-leading aluminum ladders for a variety of applications. We have a reputation for industrial-strength ladders, strong warranties, and impeccable service after more than 100 years in business.

We create long-lasting and effective ladders because we only use strong aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum alloy that exceeds ANSI and OSHA standard requirements. Our team of skilled artisans builds them to the exact specifications of architects, contractors, and engineers.

We take pride in our custom-made ladders at Alaco Ladder. They consist of high-quality, aircraft-grade aluminum with scratch resistance, so you will never have to repaint them. Our company strives to manufacture safe, high-quality industrial ladders for clients in various industries.

Alaco’s premium aluminum ladders for architects consist of high-quality materials. However, as mentioned, we strictly adhere to all OSHA standards to ensure that we will keep clients safe. So, you can expect our products to pass any quality control inspection your workplace conducts.

OSHA Standards for Ship Ladders


All staircases must have handrails and guardrails, according to standard number 1910.25(b). So, if the employer claims that installing rails on their ladder is impossible, they must propose an alternative fall protection system to ensure ship ladder safety.

Ladders should also have the following features: overhead obstructions with a minimum vertical clearance of 6’8″, uniform riser heights and tread depths, side landings at least 30″ wide, and a stair capacity of at least 1000 lb.

Following this section, Alaco’s heavy-duty ship ladders are made of aluminum alloy, so you can be confident that they meet these specifications.


All our units meet OSHA ladder standards, which require a minimum headroom of 6’6″, a clear width of 26″, and a tread depth of 7.5″.


Workers must install the ladders 50° to 70° from the horizontal surface and leave open rises with a minimum vertical rise of 6.5″ to 12″. Our ladders, fortunately, easily meet these requirements.

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