Loft Ladder Options

Each Alaco Loft Ladder is custom built from the wide selection of options, guaranteeing that it will be just right for its application.

Configurations: Loft Ladders are congifured in four standard ways:
  • A rolling ladder secured to track
  • A rolling ladder that can be for removed from track
  • A ladder permanently affixed in one location
  • A ladder permanently affixed in one location that folds in for compact storage

Ladder Types: Alaco offers Rolling, Fixed and Pivotal ladders.

Ladder Material: Loft Ladders may be made from a selection of quality hardwoods or aluminum.

Wood Loft Ladders are available in: Alder, Birch, Cherry, Mahogany, Maple, Red Oak, White Oak or Walnut. Other woods may be available on request. Wood Loft Ladders may be unfinished, have a clear gloss or satin finish or be colored with a Minwax stain.

Alaco Aluminum Loft Ladders are available with a standard milled aluminum finish or with a matte or gloss black or white finish, a metallic beige finish or a colored powdercoat finish.

Hardware Finishes: All hardware on Alaco Loft Ladders is finished. Depending on the specifications for each ladder, this includes the upper roller assembly, wheel housing, mounting brackets, braces, bolts and handrails and metal track. A wide variety of metallic and enamel finishes means that the hardware on an Alaco Loft Ladder can blend in with the ladder or stand out as an accent.

Handrails: Handrails are not standard on Loft Ladders, but can be added. Select handrails that are flush to the sides of the ladder, or handrails that extend beyond the ladder top for added security. Handrails may be added to either the right or left side of the ladder, or to both sides.

Safety Tread: For extra safety, a rubber no-slip tread can be added to all steps of a Wood Loft Ladder.

Wheel Housing: If your ladder is a Wood Rolling Loft Ladder, the wheel housing options are a cast sunburst pattern for an elegant traditional look, or a contemporary assembly with an exposed wheel. All Aluminum Rolling Loft Ladders have the contemporary wheel assembly.

Upper Assemblies and Brackets: Rolling Loft Ladders Ladders designed to remain permanently affixed to the track come with a Roller Assembly. This Roller Assembly will also allow a Loft Ladder to be folded in vertically when not in use.

For Rolling Loft Ladders that can be removed from the track, a Hook Assembly is required. The kind of brackets used to attach the ladder track to the wall will be, in part, determined by the selection of a Roller Assembly or a Hook Assembly.

Track: Track systems for Rolling Loft Ladders can be designed for either a single wall or created with curved corners, allowing the Rolling Loft Ladder to be moved around the room from one wall to another. The detailed online Loft Ladder Estimate/Order Form [ link to form from here ] contains more information on specifying track layouts, and any of Alaco's knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist or answer any question you might have by phone or email.

For more information about Alaco Loft Ladders, please contact Alaco by email or at 888-310-7040